Making a Thanksgiving’s harvest jar

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Celebrate Thanksgiving by placing this colorful display of ingredients from your kitchen. It is simple and easy to make and its best if you can use your imagination and creativity to your creation. This harvest decoration jar suits perfectly as your decoration for the Thanksgiving table. It is inexpensive and is great way to recycle because you can use empty bottles or jars that you get from your home. You can ask your children and family members to help you on this craft. They will love for the fun from this craft.

Materials and tools you need:

Tissue paper/ crepe paper, glass jar, ribbon, beans, rice, tea leaves, lentils, scissors

How to make:

First, take your clean empty bottle. You can use any shape and size of clear bottles and jar whether it\’s plastic or glass. Make sure it\’s dry and clean before layering the ingredients inside the bottle.

Then, fill your bottle layer by layer. You can use a small scoop or spoon to insert the ingredients inside the bottle or put a paper that has been rolled up to into the lid to prevent the ingredients to spill out while layering. You have to be careful not to shake it too much and mix up all the layers. For the less dense layer, leave it on top.

You can coat your different ingredients according to your creativity; any other ingredients can also be used such as spices, mini candies, pumpkin seeds, dried corns and many more. Try to use dried ingredients that you can find in your cabinet of your kitchen. Even small stones and extra colorful plastics from your aquarium tank are suitable for the layering. It\’s better to make sure that all the ingredients are clean and dry. The reason for this is to prevent any mold growth to the ingredients inside.

Next, cut a square of tissue paper with scissors and place it on top of the bottle. You can use any color that you like. Other than tissue paper, you can also use crepe paper or any previous holiday papers that you keep.

Then, secure the tissue paper by wrapping a ribbon to hold it in place. You can also use matching color of pipe cleaner and twine for the wrapping.

Finally, adjust the folds of the paper and cut and excess paper if needed using scissors.

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