Miniature Spring Flowering Shrubs

Gardening, in general, is a fun hobby. It is fun as we, as gardeners, get to try so many things. We get to explore when it comes to gardening. To grow vegetables and to grow fruits are some of the choices we can make and forms part of the options that we have when it comes to gardening.

We can choose to plant vegetables and fruits so that we can get something in return for our gardening efforts when it comes to these types of plant. If we want to beautify our garden, make it beautiful to complement the house, then using pretty plants or rather plants that will grow beautiful with a mixture of colors will be the right and definite choice.

Miniature flowering shrubs are the perfect substitutes for bigger plants if you want to add an accent to your small landscape. These small flowering shrubs will keep their size small even when they reached mature level, this will help you to use the space efficiently. Search these plants at your local garden center and plant them to accent your outdoor landscape. Here are among types of miniature spring flowering shrubs that you can choose.

  • Miniature snowflake is actually a hybrid plant of a dwarf variety and the mock orange shrub. The mock orange is known for its distinctive scent, which will remind of an orange grave in bloom. The snowflake usually blooms in the late spring and produces an abundance of beautiful white flowers with distinctive orange aroma. The height reaches the maximum amount of 4 feet and it is a good choice for gardeners with limited space.
  • Although it is a small shrub, the double flowering almond is an attractive plant for gardeners with limited space to grow. In early spring, this plant blooms with double pink blossoms that will takes anyone notice. The maximum heights for the double flowering almond are 4 to 5 feet, and the width is about 4 feet.
  • The hardiness and the beautiful spring flowers of Dwarf Forsythia make it a great choice among gardeners. The plants have yellow flowers and can fit to any landscape. It is good choice for a ground cover and traditional shrub as it is compact and low spreading. It is perfect for small spaces as it has a maximum height of about 12 inches.
  • In early spring, the flowers blooms from top to bottom and live better under full sunlight or partial shade so it important to choose your planting area carefully.
  • Even in the smallest places, azalea bushes can suit perfectly as they are compact and small shrubs. Many gardeners choose to plant azaleas bushes to accent their patio or deck. You can purchase these plants, which are ready available in garden and nurseries centers. Plant the azaleas in the early spring and water thoroughly after they are in the ground for best result.

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