What is Solar Wind Energy Storage

The solar wind energy is a combination of energy that comes from both the power of solar together with wind energy. When the sun warms the earth in varying locations and times thus causes several different portions fluctuating unevenly in temperature. This will enable hot air to rise and reduce atmospheric pressure on the earth\’s surface. Cooler air or known as the wind will replace the hot air. Below are several options that you can use in order to store the solar wind energy.

What you need:

  1. Batteries
  2. Using a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
  3. Flow Batteries
  4. Ultra-Battery
  5. Wind Turbines
  6. Flywheels


  1. The common storage like the traditional electrochemical batteries is often used, but it is expensive and also has a shorter life span. With improved and advanced technology, the battery storage has tremendously improved.
  2. You can also use a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) which is normally installed underground due to its storage that provides high pressure air which enables users to turn it on and use it only on demand. When the demand for energy increases, the compressed air will be released into a gas turbine along with natural gas to burn similar to fuel and this will generate electricity.
  3. The flow batteries is a rechargeable battery which is a compatible system and works nicely for grid applications. This type of batteries is suitable especially for high-powered storage.
  4. We also can use Ultra-Battery which is a newly design storage for you to choose from where it is a combination of a super-capacitator and a lead-battery unit. This type of storage has the ability to power an electric vehicle and it is considered to be very efficient also cost effective.
  5. The wind turbines relatively consist of rotor blades, a shaft, and a generator. Its rotor blades works like a propeller which, in turn, turns the shaft whenever the wind flows through it, thus enabling the generator to be turned on and generate current.
  6. The Flywheels is a mechanical device that stores energy via its rotating mass. The energy being absorbed from wind generated electric motor that will spin the flywheel. Its storage capacity can be increased via high speed that enables flywheel to rotate or increase the number of flywheels.

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