Creative seating for lounging around in style

Creative seating for lounging around in style

Get the seating right for ideal home decor

Seating is one of the most important elements of home décor. It’s the one piece of furniture that’s a necessity in virtually every room and can characterize the entire space, but it also poses problems. With such a wide array of colours, materials, finishes and shapes, it can be very difficult to find the perfect model. Use a design that’s too creative and it will just look odd, but on the other hand a design that lacks character won’t compliment your home.

Whimsical décor styles are without a doubt the most fun and unique. One of the benefits of decorating in this style is that there are literally no rules. By definition it even means, “Strange combinations.” If you really want to experiment and get a little more creative without hindering your style, taking a whimsical approach may help.

Tree Trunk Seats

There’s nothing more homely than bringing nature indoors. Tree trunk seating can be fashioned out of anything, from spruce trees and washed up driftwood to an entire oak sliced into sections. The possibilities and design structure are endless. You could even make your own, providing you have a saw, sanding device and some preservative. The beauty of using natural furniture is that it’s all very individualistic; no other piece will be the same.

Eco-friendly Minimalist Seats

Four Brothers chairs – designed by Seungji Mun – are created using just one block of wood. Each chair is a different shape, yet they fuse together seamlessly. As eco-friendly living becomes more and more popular, these types of designs are expected to skyrocket into the mainstream.

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are something of an enigma. Most of us remember them from childhood stories, yet most of us haven’t ever sat on one. Whether it’s used for functionality or merely a decorative feature, the traditional wooden rocking chair looks great in the corner of a living room. Nowadays rocking chairs can even be electronic and set to provide the perfect speed.

Massage Chairs

Electronic massage chairs aren’t particularly comfortable when they’re not in use; however, there’s no better way to relax and recuperate after a hard day’s work. Massage chairs aren’t as expensive as you may think. But even if they are, you can purchase the massager separately and use it whenever you choose.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are fairly new and designed for long stints in front of the television. Most of them will contain speakers in the headrest, built in remote controls, storage spaces and cup holders, providing maximum entertainment value and an immersive experience that would otherwise not be possible.

Asian Ceramic Seating

Inspired by plastic garden furniture, Asian ceramic seating is currently a hot trend. This type of seating comes in a variety of colours and designs, yet retains the same traditional shape. Surprisingly Asian ceramic seating is hugely versatile and great for accenting.

Half Painted Seats

Another trend in the home décor world is to only half paint seats so they look as though they’ve been dipped in paint. This affect certainly isn’t for everyone; however, if done right, it can perfectly complement a whimsical cottage interior.

Finding the perfect chairs isn’t easy. For more inspiration and ideas, visit Nicolas Anthony. Here you will find a vast array of creative seating that’s perfect for lounging around in style.

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