How to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature at Home

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Keeping your home cool

The million dollar question when it comes to soaring hot summers is, ‘How can I keep my home cool’? Although there is more than one way to answer this question, fortunately there are plenty of low-cost, low-energy and effective measures you can try at home, without overspending on air conditioning. If you live in a country that boasts high temperatures all year round, by choice or simply because you’re native to that country, it’s paramount that you consider how excess heat and humidity levels can affect your day to day life.

Make sure you have quality air in your home

While some of us thrive from living in tropical continents like Australia, Greece and Thailand, the human body can only cope with so much sunshine and humid moisture before it becomes dehydrated and stops functioning properly. Summer is renowned for its ability to brighten up our mood, and like anything in life, its Vitamin D is good for us in moderation. That being said, during peak sunlight hours we need to ensure that our homes are adequately equipped with lots of cool ventilation wherever possible so that we have somewhere to escape from the sun’s harmful rays.

Our top tips

Listed below are some of the best tips to follow if you’re looking to maintain a comfortable home environment without the costly price tags…

  • Sometimes opening a window is just not enough to cool down, but if you keep your windows closed throughout the day and then release that stored air at night, you should find your rooms feeling breezier. Remember to draw any blinds and curtains you have to shade you from the outdoor heat during the day time.
  • Avoid doing any indoor exercises or strenuous household chores during peak sunlight hours as not only will your body be at its most vulnerable, but it will give off excess heat inside your home. So try to do aerobics, laundry or dish washing in the evening when the temperatures has dropped.
  • You really don’t have to spend a fortune on air conditioning if you opt for a home cooling ventilation system instead. Desk fans, water fans and ceiling fans can only do so much to expel heat but with an air filter, your home will remain cool and comfortable all year round. Home cooling is also ideal if your house collects a lot of dust, if you own pets, or if you’re a troubled sleeper as it eliminates bad air and replaces it with fresh, breathable air instead. You might use a dehumidifier when drying washed clothes, but if you can leave these laundry loads to air-dry on a clothes horse or on a washing line as opposed to tumble drying, you will feel a healthier temperature flowing throughout your home. Let’s not forget that heat travels in confined spaces so be wary of this if you have a small kitchen or utility area.
  • Finally, remember to switch off any appliances and unplug electronic devices when you’re not using them as TV sets, music players, laptops and microwaves all release unnecessary heat if left switched on. This tip is especially useful for smaller homes too.

By taking note of these savvy cooling tips you can concentrate on making the most of your summer, without having to worry about overheating.

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