Technological Influence: How Kitchen Designs have Become More Innovative

Modern kitchen design using technology

Technology is driving kitchen design innovation

When you think about the influence that technology has had in recent years, most people will be fixated on hardware. You can’t walk down the street without seeing someone glued to a mobile phone or tablet – they are now considered essential items in our everyday lives.
However, the influence of technology spans far beyond mobile devices. It has literally changed the face of certain industries, particularly kitchen design. New cutting edge technology has changed the way in which designers work and made it possible for them to produce truly innovative designs.

It is revolutionary and something that we believe should be highlighted, which is what inspired us to write this article and almost pay tribute to how technology has changed the face of the kitchen design industry.

CAD has changed the face of design

Kitchen designers used to have it pretty tough, they’d have to craft their ideas out on paper using little more than a pencil to captivate the minds of their clients. However, through the development of CAD software, inspiring clients is easier than ever before.

Software like autokitchen allows designers to produce an authentic, almost lifelike, 3D graphical representation of a kitchen. The detail that can be added is truly inspiring, you’ll be able to see intricate designs on tiles and even understand the effects that different lighting fixtures will have on the brightness of a kitchen.

Another amazing feature of CAD software is the ability to save entire projects or certain elements. Let’s say that a designer is producing kitchen designs for a new block of flats, but there needs to be subtle differences in each kitchen. They can save an entire project and easily edit certain elements to add a sense of originality. This is something that has been able to gift kitchen designers a truly invaluable resource. Time! To achieve the same result a designer would have had to redraw their entire design by hand but CAD eliminates this tedious task.

It’s safe to say that CAD software has made the jobs of designers much easier and changed the entire design process from start to finish.

See products in your kitchen before you buy them

There is a pattern emerging here, the biggest challenge a kitchen designer always faces is being able to capture the imagination of their clients so that they can paint a clear image of the finished kitchen. Ultimately, its something that is much easier said than done, but CAD has made it much easier for clients to visualise what is being proposed.

Often designers will propose certain appliances and furniture from an aesthetical prospective but if the client can’t imagine what it will look like in their home it is going to be a pretty hard sell.

This is where CAD is truly changes the face of interior design, imagine being able to grab a 3-D image of that stunning contemporary dining table that you saw online and then superimposing it onto an image of your kitchen. Well CAD allows you to do just that, you’ll be able to play around with placement of the table and make sure that it compliments the existing style used in your kitchen.

The ability to see a product in your home before you buy it is something that gets both designers and clients excited and it isn’t hard to see why.

As you can see CAD has revolutionised the kitchen design industry and many things that weren’t possible five years ago are now considered extremely basic. We just can’t wait to see what the next few years has in store for us, maybe we’ll be at a point where a client can virtually walk through their new kitchen and open cupboards before a single builder enters the site.

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