Decorating Tips for Mantelpieces

faux mantlepiece with mirror

Be smart when decorating your mantelpiece

Faux Mantelpiece decorating is similar to decorate anything else in a home, it requires theme, style, color matching, and can correspond well with the home decorating style. In the following are a few steps to help you decorate your mantelpiece with items that you might already have in your property.

Make it symmetrical

Everything in symmetry is well organized, no exception for the mantelpiece. You may take advantage of the balance principle and put the same articles on the either side of the mantelpiece counter. At the same time, put a large item at the middle of it. For instance, you may put two different height and colors at the two sides of the mantelpiece and a painting on the middle of it. Of course, the paining should be responded with home decorating style and the size have to be shorter than the length of the counter of the fireplace. It is a kind of minimalist way, but an all-match way for home decorating

Turn it into storage space

For most homes, the fireplace is a decoration item. If your home is not so large and cares about the storage space, you may consider turning the faux fireplace into the storage space. You may install two clapboards into so that it becomes a three layer storage box. You may put your small items in it such as books, bottles. Or you may regard it as a displaying area for your collections.

Decorate it with mirror

Mirror is a magic article for home decorating if you use it properly. As l mentioned before, the mirror can make your room look larger for small homes. At the same time, the mirror can be put on a fireplace counter and can act as a dresser. You can put all your items on there, which is a cost-effective way of decorating, but you have to use the right mirror. Normally, the mirror should not be too high but just a little bit larger than the painting should be ideal. If the painting is too large it can affect the fireplace dimensions and can look out of place in your home.

Crowd it with unusual disposal items

Make your mantelpiece as weird and unique as you can by decorating it with non-money wasting vintage oddities and not frequently used collections. The weirder, the better. The mantelpiece perception usually represents the owner’s personality or style. For such an important place in the house to contain your belongings, the more unorthodox, the more credit you could receive.

The usual addition to a mantelpiece would be candles or a collection of family photos; however it very much depends on the interior design of the property.

Match it with your home decorating style

No matter what ideas you get in your minds and how wonderful your imagination is, you have to make it correspond with your home decorating style. If the room which you put the fireplace is not properly, the room would look awkward and uninviting. The most time consuming part of finding items to decorate your home is trend research you have to carry out. Trends are forever changing and the pressure of finding a collection of items that can adapt into your homely style. Numerous styles and trends can be found at:

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