Making confetti eggs for New Year’s celebration

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Confetti eggs would be a great way to entertain your guests at your New Year\’s party. It is different and unusual and yet fun at the same time. The hallowed and emptied eggs is filled with colorful confetti is great fun to crack on over friends\’ body or head, not only fun but mischievous as well. No eggs spills just colorful confetti that sure brings laugh and smiles to everyone! The pouring colorful confetti from the eggs resembles good days ahead. You can also use this confetti eggs in any celebration such as birthdays, bachelor parties or any other parties with a fun ambience.

Things that you need:

  • raw eggs
  • colorful confetti
  • hole punch
  • colorful papers
  • colorful tissue papers
  • scissors
  • craft glue or clear glue

How to make:

First, tap softly the tops of raw eggs to crack them open and create a small hole just enough to fill the colorful confetti later. Then, flow off the eggs\’ contents into a clean container and keep it on the fridge for other usage. When finished, clean the eggs with water and wash any residue inside the eggs. After that, let the eggs shells dry completely.

Next, to make the colorful confetti, punch several colorful papers with a hole punch to create small colorful bits. Or you can use scissors to make random small cuts from the colorful papers. If you don\’t have much time or fancy more colorful confetti then you can search them in any craft store or decoration department. The amount of the confetti depends on how much the eggs shells you have. The eggs should be 1/3 filled with the colorful confetti.

Then, fill the colorful confetti into the eggs shells. The better way to fill the eggs shells without messing up is by filling it inside a bowl. Or you can use the egg box by arranging all the eggs shells on it and filling with the confetti.

To make the lid to cover the eggs holes, trace small circles on a tissue paper with a pencil and cut out the circles by using scissors. Apply some clear glue or craft glue around each egg hole using a cotton bud if the glue bottle is not affix with a fine tip mouth. Next, attach the tissue paper circles into each filled confetti eggs. Leave to dry completely before using.

You can add glitters and small stars to your confetti to make it more fun. If you have more time to decorate the eggs, you can use any color paint of your choice for your eggs. You can either use the color spray or use paint brush to paint the color to the eggs.

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