11 Ways to Add Curb Appeal

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Curb Appeal

Impress Home Buyers Immediately

Curb appeal can make or break a home sale. If a home’s curb appeal impresses a potential home buyer, he or she is much more likely to check out the interior of the home. The following ways to add curb appeal help make that sale more quickly without breaking the bank.

Getting Started


  1. Dress up the front door. The front door serves as a focal point for a home’s curb appeal. Consider making the entryway stand out by painting the front door a bright color or installing a custom wood door. Keep the doorknob and fixtures clean.
  1. Replace old hardware. A number of elements add interest and style to the exterior of the home including the mailbox and the address numbers. These elements function as a coordinating set and ideally match the style of the home.
  1. Create symmetry at the entryway. Symmetry is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also one of the simplest arrangements to design. Consider including front door accents, light fixtures, and shrubbery in the symmetry of the entryway.
  1. Install outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting heightens a home’s curb appeal while also providing added security and safety. Some people opt for fixtures that light a stone path, while others choose lights that attach to foliage or directly to the house.
  1. Build a container garden. Container gardens provide a colorful, welcoming appeal to the exterior of a home, plus they are inexpensive and simple to implement. Ready-made containers are available from garden centers. Alternatively, crafty homeowners can make their own containers.


More Great Tips


  1. Replace or dress up your mailbox. The mailbox coordinates with the home’s style and also illustrates the personality of the homeowner. Options for dressing up a mailbox include planting flowers around it and painting the wooden post to coordinate with the exterior of the home.


  1. Install window boxes. Window boxes quickly and easily add charm and color to the exterior of a home. Painted wood boxes provide a cottage feel while iron and copper boxes provide a classic feel. Mix and match the flowers and plants in the boxes to fit the color scheme of the home and the available sunlight.


  1. Give flower beds a makeover. Spruce up your garden beds by pulling weeds, pruning overgrowth, planting new flowers, and adding new mulch. All of these heighten the overall color and beauty of the flower beds. Are the borders old or tired looking? Consider replacing them with something more decorative like stone edges. You may want to add a couple new plant beds as well.


  1. Add outdoor art pieces. One or two pieces of weather-resistant artwork brighten up virtually any yard. Think about the exterior components and the color of the home when you select art pieces. Popular options include metal cutouts, birdbaths, wind chimes, and sculptures. Some people like water sculptures because of the soothing sounds they make. Place fountains on level ground in optimal sight and hearing ranges and out of range from dropping leaves.


  1. Add shutters or accent trim. Shutters and trim provide a new layer of style to the exterior of a home. Additionally, shutters offer adjustment for ventilation and light as well as make a home more secure. Shutters are available in aluminum, wood, composite, vinyl, and fiberglass. New composite options for trim, such as polyurethane or PVC resins, make trim long-lasting and simple to maintain.


  1. Replace gutters and downspouts. Homes with older gutter systems are likely to evidence rust spots, peeling paint, or additional problems that give the impression of neglect. Install new systems that feature snap-fit vinyl, do not require paint, and are assembled with just a few basic tools. Some people opt for copper gutters, which are more expensive but provide an undeniable sense of quality.


About the author:

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