Accessorise your bathroom


Bathroom design accessories are often the most overlooked items when people are making the finishing touches to their bathroom design. The finishing touches are the ones that will pull the design together to create a more welcoming sight for the homeowner as well as guests.

Where would the soap sit if not dissolve into a sticky mess without a soap dish. The sight of a soggy toilet roll is a very uninviting sight. Or imagine what if you have damp, cold towel all clumped up and not hung to dry properly?

These little details that can make your bathroom a pleasure to use or a nightmare to be in. If you’ve struggled with trying to get close to your mirror to apply your makeup, or sighing at the mess of toothbrushes falling over from the plastic cup you’ve balanced on the sink or a windowsill, then it is perhaps time to re-think the accessories in your bathroom. Make sure the accessories in your bathroom match with one another. Most manufacturers sell these items in sets. A matching look will give a more harmonise effect. 

Toilet Roll Holders

A simple ring or bar toilet roll holder is the easiest option. Try to mirror the shape and style of your brassware with your accessories. But for a period look a dog bone toilet roll holder is a must. 

Soap Dishes

Keep the mess of wet sticky soap at bay by introducing a soap dish above the basin. A combination of chrome and frosted glass is ideal for the contemporary look whereas a ceramic dish is really a must in a more rustic setting.

Towel Rails

Keep towels off the floor and hung up neatly with a towel rail. Single bar towel rails are ideal for smaller bathrooms, or you can opt for a long brass handle fixed to a cabinet drawer where you can hang your towel to save space. A double towel rail not only helps improve storage, it also creates a luxurious finishing touch.

Install a heated towel rail which acts as both a bathroom radiator and towel heater. Nothing beats getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a nice warm towel. 

Rails, Rings & Hooks

A combination of towel rings and towel rails is all that is needed to keep your towels to hand and looking neat. A towel ring can be great if hung next to a basin with a simple hand towel and is a simple, effective bathroom addition.


To highlight every last detail of your face for shaving or applying makeup a reversible magnified mirror is a must. This mirror can be mounted over the basin or over a vanity unit with good lighting. 

Toothbrush Holders & Tumblers 

Use a freestanding tumbler that can sit neatly on a shelf or on the edge of a basin. To free up your basin area, look instead for a wall mounted version. This will solve the long-standing issue between partners about leaving the tube of toothpaste uncapped, ot oleaving your toothbrush on the edge of the sink.

For a contemporary look, opt for frosted glass and chrome. For a more traditional feel a combination of gold and ceramic will work. 

Bath Baskets

A bath basket helps keep your accessories in the bathroom together. From scented candles to bath sponges and back brushes, it allows you to pull your toiletries up into easy reach from the tub.