Alfalfa Seed Types

In the United States, farms grow alfalfa to use as hay for cattle and other livestock food. Alfalfa is a common forage crop that provides the livestock with the nutrition they need to thrive and grow. There are many types of alfalfa varieties offered by United States seed companies. Farmers and scientists have worked hard to develop hearty and healthy alfalfa strains that will thrive during bad climate and temperature changes. Here are the types of alfalfa seeds available nowadays.

Types of Alfalfa Seeds:

  1. Bigwheel is a hearty alfalfa type and can withstand a lot of traffic across the field by tractors and workers. This is one of the most resistant alfalfa plants, which can fight off against insects and diseases. This alfalfa variety will grow back quickly after being harvested and suitable for planting in any of United States places.
  2. Action alfalfa is mostly grown in the Midwest. These seeds will grow in cold climates, which are recommended by the Ohio State University. This variety is resistant to many alfalfa diseases that normally destroy alfalfa crops such as anthracnose, phytophora root rot and bacterial wilt.
  3. Affinity alfalfa seed is a winter crop that grows well in all places except the South, which according to the Baily seed website. Affinity alfalfa can grow in a very cold climate and strong against root rot disease. If this variety is cut very close to the ground, it can grow back for another harvest. Affinity is also resistant to many varieties of insect’s pests that usually give other alfalfa seeds problems.

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