Aluminium foil in the kitchen and also around the house

Aluminium foil has proved to be quite useful in the kitchen and around the house. Its most perfect use is, and it will really delight you, especially if you are having a kid\’s party and you are planning to give them ice-cream cones. An ideal way to prevent the ice-cream from dripping all over your house or furniture and even onto the kids nice party clothes, is to wrap the bottom of each cone with a piece of aluminium foil. The foil will block the ice-cream from dripping.

You have just baked rolls or bread for a later use which may either be for a dinner party or a picnic. To keep them fresh, take a piece of cloth or towel place a layer of aluminium foil over it, and then wrap the freshly baked rolls. The aluminium foil will reflect the heat and keep the rolls warm. You can also use aluminium foil to decorate your cake. Fold a sheet of aluminium foil into a tube form and fill it with the cake icing. The best in this case is that there is no washing up afterwards; just dump the used foil into the dust bin.

If you are on a long trip and you miss your home-made food, moreover you are in a hotel room with no kitchen facilities. No big fuss if you want to eat that sandwich which you had previously packed and best of all you can make it hot, so just take out your sandwich (which must priory be packed in aluminium foil) and use the hotel iron to iron the foil on both sides. The outcome results in a perfectly hot and tasty snack.

Aluminium foil can also be used to protect your silverware. If your silverware starts to look dull, this is what you can do; line a dish with a sheet of aluminium foil fill it with cold water add 2 tablespoons of salt. Put your tarnished silverware into it, leave it for 5 mins, then rinse and dry. And you can also prevent your silver from getting tarnished by wrapping it in aluminium foil especially if you rarely use them.

If you have toddlers who are still wetting the bed at night, no need to worry about the mattress being soiled and damaged. To protect the mattress lay several sheets of aluminium foil before covering them with a beach towel, then cover with the bed sheet. In the same manner if you want to keep dogs or pets off your expensive sofa, put a piece of aluminium foil on the seat of the cushions, the noise will prevent your pets from sitting and sleeping on the sofa.

Aluminium foil can also become handy if you have to move heavy furniture. All you have to do is place small pieces of aluminium foil under the legs with the glossy sides facing upwards, as the dull side are more slippery than the glossy side. Moving furniture becomes an easy job.

When you are at the shopping mall and buying your stuff don\’t forget to toss into your shopping basket some extra rolls of aluminium foil as you never know when and for what purpose you may need them.

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