Attaching a Storage Shelf to a Wall

Attaching A Storage Shelf To A Wall

Wall shelves could help you for the needed storage in your room if you don\’t prefer to use floor-standing shelving unit. You could find ready-made wall storage shelves at any home improvement stores with different lengths and designs. To install the shelves on your wall is not a complicated matter as long you have the right tools and instructions. Here are the steps on how to attach your storage shelf to a wall.

You will need:

  1. Drill
  2. Ruler
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Screws
  5. Drill bit
  6. Level
  7. Storage shelf
  8. Screw anchors


  1. First, locate the two screw-mounting holes that will be used with the wall screws by looking on the back of the storage shelf. The distance between the two holes needs to be measured and written it down for the next steps.
  2. Then, determine the place you want to insert the first screw. Typically, the storage shelves will be placed near eye level so you can easily search and take items that you need with no difficulty. Use a drill to make a hole in the wall to the depth of the screw that needs to be inserted. This step is also known as drilling a hole into the wall. Then, insert the screw to see if it fits, if you are not sure how deep you have drilled. This is better to avoid any miscalculation at the end of the project.
  3. Put a level up on the drilled hole and then measure the distance between the two holes on the storage shelf. Make sure the second hole is level with the first hole. If the holes are not level, the shelf will be uneven and can easily fall off. This will endanger whoever will be near the shelf, be it children or aged people so overall this step is very important. Put a mark where the other hole needs to be drilled and then drill the second hole.
  4. Next, put the screw anchors into the holes in the wall, making sure the tip is flushed with the wall. These anchors will help to hold the screws into place firmly. Anchors are helpful on drywall as they offer extra support for the screws to hold heavy shelf, which makes it the idea type of screws to be used. Insert the screws into the anchors using a screwdriver. Leave about an eight of an inch between the screw head and the wall. This will become the space for the shelf to be placed onto the screws and fit snugly against the wall.
  5. Finally, place the storage shelf over the screws and push it into place. Even though, the project and the steps are almost complete, it is technically never complete until you have checked thoroughly every screw and the shelf. It is important to check and make sure they are all in place and secure properly.

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