Bathing in Luxury – Home Spa

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than to soak a tired body in a bath, close your eyes and just relax to soothing scents and enjoying some peace and quiet. For a bath spa, the key is to create a full body experience, as well as an aesthetically pleasing space but still extremely functional. 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get that dream spa/Jacuzzi into the house. Making some minor changes like décor, could just as well make your bathroom a sanctuary for you to escape to from a hectic day.

Clear Out the Clutter

  • Believe it or not, clutter can add stress and clearing it can have an instant calming effect. I once told a friend to clear out suitcases of clothing strewn across the floor of her bedroom (which have been left there for goodness knows how long). The day after she actually got around to doing it, I get a text message exclaiming how much better she actually feels seeing the floor in her room!)
  • For one, you\’ll never see a spa with countless bottles and products scattered on the surfaces. Organise your bathroom space and have a place for everything. It will lessen anxiety. Look for high quality countertop containers that will complement. Glass are popular, as well as ceramic. Try avoiding cheap steel containers, as they may rust over time.
  • If space permits create different zones for the various bathroom functions. For example, designate one zone to makeup, another to bathing, etc.
  • A little bit of effort goes a long way. Rather than having towels tossed anywhere, roll them up, secure each with a ribbon and place them standing up in a basket by the bathtub. A chic presentation and keeping things where they should be helps.
  • Using clear, frosted glass containers for your necessities adds a bit of elegance and sophistication. Choose the ones that match your finish or fixtures.

Calming Colours

  • From earthy tones to soothing pastels, most spas choose specific colors around which they\’ll base their decor. Colour plays a part in the soothing effect in a spa. Using primary colors – which can be beautifully vibrant – is much more energizing, but may not give you the calming retreat you desire. In the zone where you apply your makeup, use colours that complement your skin. 
  • Choose similar tones if you need to paint with different colours. Colours that harmonise with each other is important in creating a soothing effect, whereas too-different colours can have an incoherent – and hence unsettling – effect.
  • If you decide to breakaway from traditional blue colour normally used in spas, try using green. Green is said to be emotionally balancing, and its elements also connect us to nature.


Nurture with Nature

  • A little bit of nature in the bathroom will help restore the sense of serenity. Be it flooring, furniture, fixtures and decor that is reminiscent of nature through the use of deep, rich woods, natural stones such as granite and beautiful bamboo, it will all add interest, color and texture to an area. Stone, exotic woods, tumbled marble and limestone of varying textures and finishes are highly recommended.
  • Bringing in a little bit of foliage into the bathroom can also help with the inclusion of plants, both large and small, throughout the bathroom space. Indoor plants also contribute to making a space healthier with their oxygen-releasing function. Some plants, such as the bamboo palm, can even reduce the level of airborne VOC (volatile organic compounds).
  • Try to protect your plants from the shower spray and direct streams of water as this can damage their leaves. White lilies are a great option as they match any decor and are both simple and gorgeous. Or try the lily family\’s aspidistra (cast iron plant), the attractive Boston fern, the common pothos – also known as devil\’s ivy, the cascading heart-leafed philodendron or the ever popular orchid as they are mostly low-maintenance plants. 

Soften the Lighting

  • Bright lighting can have quite the opposite effect you want in a spa bathroom. You\’ll want to look for softer lighting and tons of natural light (like skylights). Candles are a regular fixture in spas. Mix and match large with small, and they even flatter every skin tone. 
  • To easily adjust your lighting, change to a softer bulb, such as halogen. Halogen bulbs produce a wide colour spectrum which allows the true colours of natural materials to glow.
  • For a more involved change, get a dimmer for the bathroom. This way, you can adjust the lighting.
  • Replacing the door that connects your bath room to the bedroom with one made of frosted glass to get some natural light (especially when there’s none for the bathroom). You\’ll still have privacy, but it will allow the bedroom\’s natural light to brighten up the bathroom.
  • Installing LED lighting in whirlpools will create a mood-enhancing effect and ambiance, as well as setting quite a romantic addition to the space. 

Heated Haven

  • Nothing shocks more than stepping out of a warm relaxing bath onto a cold floor. Invest in some towel warmers – be it wall mount, free standing, or warming drawer . Install radiant heated floors; they are energy efficient and helps with the above afore hand. Installing steam units into the shower keeps the heat from dissipating and adding a radiant heated seat bench in shower to encourage more relaxation.


Finishing Touches

  • Upholstered furniture can create a trendy, inviting place to relax. Keep in mind though that upholstery in a room where you get high humidity needs to be given extra attention, as it can damage over time. 
  • Soothing sounds complement soothing scents and visuals. A CD player hidden in the bathroom, playing soothing reiki can enhance the experience.
  • Aromatherapy, of course. Soft scents like lavender are typically calming while scents like peppermint will invigorate. Experiment with different scents and choosing the one that has the most calming effect on you.
  • Oversize shower heads like rain showerheads are gaining popularity. Creating a waterfall-like effect helps a little along the way in enhancing your own personal spa experience. Also consider installing multiple body spray/showerheads.