Brazing an Aluminum Tubing

Brazing technique will require you to learn a little bit of skill to create strong bonds that are not going to be broken easily. Aluminum with large breaks can be also repaired by brazing, as it is a process where a metal filler is heated slightly above its melting point then spread along the joint with a flux metal protection. Although the technique needs you to have a skilled hand, it still can be done by following these steps.

You will need:

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Clamp
  3. Flux Rod
  4. Welding Gloves
  5. Protective Mask
  6. Wire Brush
  7. Oxyacetylene Torch

Aluminum Tubing


  1. First, use the rubbing alcohol and a wire brush to rub the surface to remove all the grease and dirt.
  2. Then, use a clamp to the aluminum rod so that it won’t move when you are fixing it. Leave the area that requires the weld free.
  3. Next, ignite the flame on your torch. Make sure the flame that you have is soft, blue flame with no red or orange flame from it. Begin to heat the flux and coat the tip of your joint with the heated flux.
  4. Continue to heat the flux so that it begins to flow and slowly drip the flux onto the joint. To prevent the aluminum from heating up too much, make small dabs of flux at a time. When the flux step is done, leave the flux to cool and set.
  5. Fill a tub with water and dip the aluminum tube into it to cool the tube. Dip for several minutes until the aluminum tube is cool. Leave the tube to dry or use a clean rug.
  6. To make sure that the aluminum tube surface is smooth and shiny; sand the tube until the flux flakes are removed.

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