Building A Deck Table

Like entertaining guests at garden parties and barbeques? Having deck tables will be a great addition to provide seating space for your guests. This article deals with the construction of a kid’s table, and you can also make adjustments to measurements to build an adult deck table. An A-frame table is a good choice for a sturdy and durable table. Use cedar, redwood, or other durable outdoor woods as your choice of material. You can also use pressure-treated lumber. To add more durability, apply sealer or a semi-transparent water resistant stain. When the seat and tabletop begin to weather, restore it by sanding and refinishing.

Tools and Materials

Purchase the following amount of lumber from the supplier ofyour choice then make the cuts according to the cutting list: one piece 12 ft long 2×6; 6 piece of 8 ft long 2×6 and one piece of 12 ft long 2×4.

Cutting list:

Table top supports – 2 pieces of  26-1/2inch long 2x4s
Seat supports – 2 piece of 57-1/2 inch long 2x6s
Legs – 4 piece of 32 inch 2×6
Table top and seat boards – 9 piece of 48 inch 2×6
Center brace – 1 piece 27 inch 2×4
Diagonal braces – 2 piece of 19-1/4 inch 2×4
Exterior stain/sealer

12 x 3 inch 3/8 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

60 x ½ inch 2 deck screws


Brush to apply wood sealer
Wrenches and ratchet handle/sockets
Bar clamps
Tape measure
Adjustable square
Framing square
Pencil protractor
Sanding block with 120-grit sandpaper
2 sawhorses
utility knife
circular saw
Drill/cordless drill with screwdriver tip and wood boring bits
Masking tape
Protractor for 60 degree leg angle cuts