Building a Patio Covering

Build A Patio Covering

If you decide to build a patio cover made of wood, it will definitely provide a more stylish and beautiful look to your house. Apart from that, it will also protect your patio furniture and guests from the rain and provide shade from the shining sun heat.

What you need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Circular saw
  3. Electric drill with screwdriver attachment
  4. Ladder
  5. Shovel or post-hole digger
  6. 8 treated 2-by-4\’s of the appropriate length
  7. 4 treated, carved, 4-by-4\’s, 8 feet long
  8. 4 concrete pyramid bases
  9. Corrugated plastic of appropriate size
  10. One box 2 inch coated decking screws
  11. A handful lead headed nails
  12. Treated lattice, and lattice frame (optional)
  13. One small box 1 ½ inch coated decking screws (optional)
  14. 4 to 6 galvanized T attachments (optional)


  1. Firstly, measure the patio size you want to build in order to purchase your 2-by-4\’s or more for extra precaution. You also need to purchase your plastic and optional lattice also based on these measurements.
  2. Dig a hole at each corner of the patio and place the bases in the holes. Then, measure the distance around the outside of each side and note it down. Cut your 2-by-4\’s according to the measurement.
  3. Next, you need to lay four 2-by-4\’s on edge forming a square or rectangle, at the corners place the first end on the outside of the next, then at the end of that one, place it on the outside of the next, and so on around before you start to screw the corners.
  4. For the other four of the 2-by-4\’s, place them atop and perpendicular to the first one alternating inside and outside. Ensure to screw them in place. After that, attach one or more 2-by-4\’s across the center in order for it to act as an anchor for your plastic, and stiffener for the patio cover before you start to measure the space under the horizontals and inside the verticals. Next step is to cut the 2-by-4\’s and attach them horizontally.
  5. Make sure to secure the 4-by-4\’s into each of the pyramid base before placing the top that you just finished atop the 4-by-4\’s and once the top is in place screw it to the 4-by-4\’s at the patio\’s corner.
  6. Then, measure the length of the cover before cutting the corrugated plastic to fit in perfectly. Place it on the top of the frame and nail it in place with the lead headed nails.
  7. After that, you have to fill in the holes at the patio cover\’s base and ensure it is packed tightly, while the weight of the roof should be able to keep it in place. For additional security, you can place a lattice fence along the three sides of the frame. Then, measure the inside between the 4-by-4\’s to get the length of the lattice. Determine the height of the patio fence at least 4 feet in setting the width for the lattice.
  8. Finally, you need to build a frame by cutting its frame pieces according to the required size and also cut the lattice accordingly. Then, screw the bottom and both sides together before sliding the lattice into the frame and the patio\’s top. The framed lattice needs to be attached to the inside of the 4-by-4\’s, at either of the side and the bottom touching your patio.

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