Building a Security Fence for Driveways

A security fence for driveway is not just for maintaining your property\’s privacy but also ensures safety to your house. This will bring you more security, happiness and peace of mind especially when you are living in a quiet property. Maintaining your property\’s privacy is the main reason on building a security fence for your own driveway gate. A security fence will alert you if there any trespassers on your property. Although this can be possibly by an expert but it can also be done by you on a small budget but be prepared for the hard work needed. Below are some of the guides on how to build a security fence for driveways.

What you need:

  1. Post hole diggers
  2. Fast setting concrete
  3. Metal gate
  4. Posts to suit design
  5. Lumber to suit design
  6. Chain
  7. Signs as desired


  1. To decide the convenient location for getting in and out of your vehicle and also ensure that the grade works for the preferred direction to swing the gate.
  1. Dig post holes (24 inches deep) according to the width of gate (recommended a 10-foot gate to accommodate delivery trucks like UPS, Federal Express, DHL, etc). Insert posts in hole and ensure it is straight and leveled.
  2. Dig holes for side posts for you fencing to be attached. Ensure to extend the sides so that no one can go through it but the other side allow for room to walk through. Then, add concrete mix to post holes and let it dry overnight.
  3. Next, to add side fencing to support the weight of the gate and you can use decking screws or exterior grade screws.
    1. Install and hang your security gate according to instructions. Then, install a fastening lighter hook to secure the gate shut.
  4. Make a main sign which is visible at all times, clear message and imaginative. Also emphasize your intention on the sign whenever the gate is closed and add contact information. Make sure to put also warning signs on the driver\’s side of driveway for warning to trespassers and thieves.

It is important for you to increase the security of your property in order to protect yourself and your family from unwanted intruders. Of course, you can install the various range of security systems in the market today but the main thing to do is the basic form of security is making sure that your property is safe.

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