Building an interior door frame

Build an Interior Door Frame

Doors used to be simply doors before; as time has changed so did the purpose of doors. Doors are now seen as a decorative feature of one\’s home. Designers put much effort into designing doors; how should it be? What will be the size? Will it complement the house? What color will it be? Etc. After the door has been decided, we have the door frame to decide on. A door\’s frame is basically a frame that covers the door. Some might say that without it the door looks incomplete. The frame comes in many sizes and styles. A lot of people prefer to design their own interior door frames, as in this way it will match their doors and be of their taste.

If you decide to build your own interior door frame without facing the cost pain of hiring professionals then it is not impossible as this can be a simple job if you have the right steps and tools. If you pay enough attention to the installation procedure and perform as well as follow it properly; everything will be fine. Here are the steps by steps on how you can build your own door frame and the things that you need to get started on this special task.

You will need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Hammer
  3. 1×4″ & 1×1/2″ wood stock
  4. Saw
  5. Finish nails
  6. Safety goggles


  1. First, measure the height and width of your door and the door opening so that the door frame will fit properly. The door opening should be at least 2 ½ inches bigger than the door that the frame is being built for, to make sure that everything fits right. Always wear your safety goggles during this project for safety.
  2. Then, cut and build the top cut for the door frame. The door is 32″ wide and 1×4 is ¾” wide. The top measurement cut will be 34″ adding 1 ½ or the two 1x4s plus an extra ½” for the hardware that will be used later. This time, cut the sides only by adding 1/2 “to the needed height for space on the top and at the bottom of the door.
  3. Next, nail the sides in flush to the outside of the 34″ top cut making the outside frame. Measure 1 ¾” on the side of the door frame that the door will be hinged to. Make marks all the way around, adding the 1″x 1/2″ wood stock to the center of your board. Secure it with small finish nails.
  4. To set the door, make sure on the hinged side top corner there will be a ¼” gap. Install the hardware, and then drill in the lock holes. Setting a new door level, nail the hinged side first. Stand back and look at the gap going around the door. Adjust if needed then add the wood shims to the back side of the door frame. Secure the nails into the shims.

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