Building an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your home and provides you with an alternative space in your home to entertain your guests. It invokes a casual and relaxed atmosphere that is such as welcome retreat after a hassling week at work on a Friday evening with friends and family.

Getting a Permit

Before you begin buying and building your outdoor kitchen though, you need to plan, budget and find out if you will require a permit to construct your outdoor kitchen. This holds especially true when you are planning for an elaborate kitchen with electrical/plumbing fixture and everything else. Everything must be thoroughly documented and you will need to provide the plans that include wiring and plumbing to the construction specifics of structures (such as patios). If it\’s declined, don\’t give up. Do modifications that are suggested by the building department and re-submit.

Area Preparation

Once you\’ve got your materials and tools at hand, it is time to get started on building your outdoor kitchen. The first thing you should acquire when planning your kitchen is your grill. Shopping in advance will allow you to have the grill delivered before the project is started. Depending on the type of grill you\’ve acquired, you will need to include gas and/or electric hookups in the project.

Measure the footing of the foundation at the site. Remove any sods in the room space and level the soil by raking and grading it. You want to make sure that it is level.

Use 2×10 boards for the forms which will be removed after the concrete sets. Lay out the foundation with gravel, the plumbing pipings for drains, fixtures etc. then ensure that you moisture-proof the foundation from moisture coming out from the ground by placing a vapor barrier. Make sure that the whole foundation is sealed well to make sure that moisture does not seep up from the ground.

Lay rebar reinforcement so that the foundation will be able to bear the weight above. Pour concrete over the prepared area, then use mechanical vibration to consolidate the concrete and get rid of air pockets or voids that can weaken the integrity of the concrete.

Allow the foundation to set.

Setting up the Kitchen

Your foundation should include any plans for custom built fireplace or furnace. If you\’re using pre-fabricated grill, all you have to do is to prep the space with the appropriate flooring before you bring it in for installation. You may also need to consider building a shade over the grill for a pre-fab to protect it from the elements.

Start building the counter tops and any other structure that will bear all the fixtures (cabinets, sink, faucets, space for the grill etc).

Apply the flooring and the tiling where applicable.

Install the grill, making sure that you place the grill where there is ventilation that will allow the smoke to ebb away, and where it will not go into the house or irritate your neighbors. It should also be accessible and close to the house but off to the side.

Installing an outdoor kitchen increases the value of your home in many ways. It also provides you with an alternative space to spend more time with family and friends in the comfort of the outdoors.

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