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For those of us who love gardening, we constantly think of new plans and thoughts to make our garden pretty and admirable. We tend to choose the prettiest of plants so that the colors would complement the garden. What if we got all the plants we need and yet there\’s still a lot of space in our garden? How do we make good use of this space? The answer would be garden statues. Garden statues add a whole different dimension to our garden. Some people live garden statues so much that they tend to have their own replica put in their gardens. Not only does it scare birds away, it provides a much needed entertainment for onlookers. There are different types of garden statues around and we need to really research about each type before buying one or asking for one to be made.

If you want to add a charming decoration to your yard, garden statues are among the best decorations that could be used to personalize, decorate an outside living space and even accent your plants. Garden statues can survive in many different climates, but if you live in an extreme climate, it is wise for you to choose the garden statues carefully. Here are the steps on how you can choose the garden statues for your garden.

You will need:

  1. Measuring tape


  1. First, find a good spot for statues in your yard before purchasing the garden statues. Make sure that your garden statues won\’t be hidden by your garden\’s plants and that the garden statues won\’t damage or shade your plants.
  2. To decide on the size of your garden statues before purchasing, measure the spot where you will put them and then measure the base and the statue at the retailers. Consider about the weather in your area. There are many garden statues that are not frost proof and will crack in cold environments. So, buy frost-proof garden models or bring in your statues during the winter. No matter what the weather is, choosing the type of brass statues might tarnish although there are many people enjoy this look.
  3. Shop around to find the best deal for your garden statues. Gardening stores, pottery stores, chain-discount stores, online sites such as Amazon and eBay and home improvement stores are the places which sells garden statues. Another tip is to buy all your pieces at the same time if your garden statue will spout water. Make sure that you know how to install the plumbing or hire a professional to install it for you so that the statue will not be damaged by water.
  4. If you have a themed-garden, you will want all the pieces to work and compliment each other. Consider by buying garden statues that follow a theme such as fairies, gnomes or butterflies.

There you have it, by now you should have successfully gotten yourself or your garden a nice statue.

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