Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Décor

Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Décor

We all love to make our homes beautiful or as homey as it can be. We decorate it as much as we can. We fill it up with nice furniture. We arrange everything accordingly. The point is we do everything we can in our capacity to make our homes lovelier. The kitchen is a place in the house where most people like to keep small so that it won\’t be difficult to keep it as clean as possible.

Most people will usually change the paint, wallpaper or get a complete remodel for their kitchen. Often we overlooked other details such as latches, knobs, handles and other kitchen cabinet hardware. These details are so practical and versatile as they can offer an inexpensive and a simple way to complement and refresh your kitchen decoration. Here\’s how you can choose the right kitchen cabinets to match your other kitchen decoration.

You will need:

Different types of knobs and pulls


  1. First, you might want to match the shape of your cabinet hardware with the elements in your kitchen décor. You can buy sunflower knobs or try vegetable-shaped knobs for a garden-themed kitchen. For a nature-themed kitchen, use branch-shaped pulls and handles or a log-cabin kitchen décor. Teapot and tea cup knobs are perfect for country décor.
  2. Then, match your knobs and pulls to the materials used in your kitchen décor. If you have marble or granite countertops or backsplashes, purchase knobs that are made from marble or granite too. The same goes to the metals in your kitchen such as copper with copper and steel with stainless steel.
  3. Next, match the styling of your cabinet\’s hardware to the styling of your kitchen\’s décor. Choose for European-styled bar pulls with sleek chrome bars to accent a distinctively modern and contemporary look. French Café looks evocated by the usage of clusters of grape while cast iron knobs and handles are basic looks in a country kitchen.
  4. To match the era-theme of your kitchen\’s décor, select your kitchen cabinet hardware. You can purchase pewter, ceramic and rustic wood knobs which are a good complement to the kitchen. You can go for the porcelain or door knobs for a Victorian-style kitchen.
  5. Make sure to replace the old hinges with hinges that match your new cabinet hardware in finish and material. If you have brass hinges and knobs before and replace these with silver-toned knobs, it is important that you replace the brass hinges with a silver-toned pair. You could also choose hinges that are designed to be completely concealed.

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