Choosing the right Heat Collector for Solar Hot Water

By using a solar power system, you will be able to reduce your utility bills as much as 60 percent of the normal usage. Due to advance technology, the heat collector for solar hot water is designed with more efficient, thus enabling you to conserve energy and protect the environment. In order to choose a suitable heat collector for your solar hot water, below are some of the information that may help you in deciding on the right product for your house.

What you need:

  1. Solar hot water system and panel
  2. Heat collector
  3. Water tank
  4. Hire professionals for installation


  1. The solar hot water systems basically collect heat from the sun from its flat plat collector or mirrored trough through which tubes are run, before the water moves to an insulated hot water tank. Some of the system uses passive systems which is much easier and reliable, while the active systems uses powered pump that takes up energy.
  2. Always choose the suitable system according to your climate. For direct circulation systems, the water will be pump through its collectors and then flows into your home. As for indirect circulation systems, it pumps water like anti-freeze method through the system into a heat exchanger which in the end warms the water. The indirect circulation systems is the most suitable when your climate is having a cold season or frost.
  3. Hire professionals for installing your systems because with proper installation, the system will be able to withstand up to 25 years of lifespan along with minimal maintenance.
  4. To determine on the estimation of how much amount that you are going to save when using the system, the efficiency of the heat collector, the area to install the system, how much sun does it gets, how big the tank to use, as well as how much you consume hot water daily.

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