Choosing your Home Window Coverings


In order to complete the look of your house, you should use window coverings as the finishing touch. However, nowadays there are various types and styles that you can choose from to cater for your taste and liking. The most important thing before you decide to choose either curtains or blinds, you should take into consideration about your windows itself plus also the function of the window coverings to the room that it covers. By doing this, you would be able to use window treatments suitable to your needs and at the same time providing you with nice appearance to the surrounding of your home.

To choose window coverings, you need:

  • A light or sheer drapery
  • An opaque window coverings
  • Heavier fabric curtains
  • A blind or window shades
  • Ladder

Choose Window Coverings

Choosing your Home Window Coverings

  • The first thing that you need to do determine the privacy that you need for certain type of rooms within your house before selecting your window coverings.
    • For example, you can choose a light, sheer drapery for rooms that you normally use in the day time.
    • As for bathroom and bedroom, it is good to use more opaque window coverings.
    • In order to create more privacy, you can choose heavier curtains where you can close during the night.
    • Besides that, you can also use a blind or shade in order to supplement a sheer curtain. You can also make use of window shades in order to create privacy as well as light simply by extending it from the bottom up to the top.
  • You can also match your window treatments with the existing d├ęcor of certain rooms.
    • It will be nice if you manage to coordinate your curtain or blinds with the color as well as the style of the room.
    • You would be able to create a much polished look to a room whenever you choose to use certain fabric which relates to upholstery or pillows within the room.
  • You should also evaluate the exposure for all the windows in your house in terms of how much of the natural light that each of the room should receives. By choosing suitable window covering you would be able to control the room’s temperature and mood.
    • For rooms that have north-facing windows, you can increase the amount of light simply by using a simple valance that leaves lots of the window opening’s exposed.
    • It is recommended that you use draperies for rooms that have south or west-facing windows. Make sure that the draperies can be easily drawn that can provide shield to the room from the hot sun especially during the day.
  • Make it a point to do some research related to fabric care of your window treatment materials.
    • For instance, if you use decorator fabrics, including silk or heavy damask, you need to dry clean them.
    • Apart from that you can also choose simple design fabrics which are easy to care for.

Always remember that for certain type of blinds and ornate drapery styles with voluminous amounts of fabric, it is easy for them to catch and accumulate more dust than the normal plain panels.

  • Make sure that the window treatments meet the requirements and needs of your family.
    • Avoid the usage of blind that has loose cords especially if you have young children around your house. This is because it could create a safety hazard and danger to your children.

    It would be wise to choose cordless shades or window coverings that do not use cord that you need to use in order to close it.

  • For those of you who have positive features on your windows such as having an unusual shape or designed with an interesting architecture, you should not be covering them.
    • You should highlight the window simply by mounting curtains well above the opening and its outside so that people from the outside would be able to view them.
  • As for poor conditioned window that you are unable to change, you need to disguise the window with appropriate cover.
    • The same goes if you are having less picturesque surrounding where you simply mount sheer draperies that enables you to filter the view and at the same time allows sunlight to penetrate your room.

Lace panels featuring a beautiful pattern can also help cover and distract from eyesores outside the window.

Always remember that whenever you want to select your house window coverings,

  • By choosing sheer draperies, it is recommended that you look for the size that comes with two to three times more that the window itself. Meaning that, the fuller the sheer draperies are, the more capacity it could offer.
  • You can also make use of lace panels that come with beautiful designs. It will assist you in covering unwanted sight and also distract any eyesore scenery from the outside surrounding of your window.

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