Christmas Tree Lighting Activities

There are many ways and ideas that one can use to decorate our home for Christmas. Basically, when decorating we try to save in the cost of things that we need. During Christmas season, bring your family and neighbors away from the hustle of work by creating a lively and bright space. Christmas tree lighting is a great Christmas event for your neighborhood, as it brings together the family and neighbors for an evening community event sharing laughs and joy. We all like to do something nice for Christmas. This festive day comes only once a year and most of us do the best we can to make the most special day of the year. The comfortable place of your neighborhood and the beautiful glow from the Christmas tree lighting will make your event a precious moment not to be forgotten for many, so here are the activities and things that you can include during the Christmas tree lighting event


  • A community bond can be strengthen and also create traditions when you involve your neighborhood into the holiday activities. Bring all of your family members to be part of the Christmas tree activity until the lighting ceremony.
  • Pass the event flyers that you can create by yourselves using publishing software or desktop word processor to invite your neighbors to your Christmas tree lighting. Tell your neighbors to contribute an ornament with their names on them, and so that you can save them for the next year’s Christmas tree decorations.
  • Provide each of your guests with a paper holder with a candle inside. Ask the guest with the first candle lighted to light the person’s candle next to him/her and so on.
  • There are so many Christmas elements that you can choose to create a festive ambiance for your neighborhood Christmas tree lighting. Before the lighting ceremony, make sure to string the Christmas tree lights and ask your guests to hang their ornaments on the tree. Assign one of your family members to light up the tree. For the Christmas carol, you can print music sheets with the lyrics from Christmas songs such as “Silent Night”, “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. Bring the entire neighborhood around and lit the tree while singing to Christmas carols.
  • After the Christmas tree lighting, invite your guests into your home for some light refreshments and a round of neighborhood goodbyes. Serve large thermal carafes filled with holiday spiced tea, blend coffee and hot cider on a buffet table. You could also serve cupcakes with various frosting for your guests to eat as they mingle around each other. Put a bowl of wrapped candy canes at the door for your guests to take home as their token for appreciation and a thanks for their attendance. Make sure to thank everyone that came and invite them all back to your next year’s Christmas activities.

When Christmas time gets near, we wonder what more can we do to decorate our home. What more can we do to welcome this festive season into our home.

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