Cleaning a Parquet Floor

Clean a Parquet Floor

Parquet floors have grown immensely popular over the years from being merely a piece of carpet to a piece of luxury. A parquet floor is a wooden floor that is basically made from many pieces of wood put together. Parquet floors can be installed in rooms as small as a bathroom, or as big as a ballroom.

When it comes to the types of parquet flooring, there are many types to choose from. Based on quality and price, parquet floors are also chosen based designs. Parquet floors are made from different types of wood so each and every design is different. In countries such as the Middle East and India, parquet floors are considered a high class of luxury and are well-taken care of. In these countries as well, parquet floors design can be found used on several items such as furniture and decorative items in the house.

In every household nowadays, parquet is among the most popular materials being used as flooring and it also comes with a variety of colors and styles. Besides that, parquet is also a durable material and can last longer. Cleaning your parquet floor is easy to do with the right tools and if you know your way around. Parquet floors have to be cleaned with lots of patience and if you can find a little help, you will definitely finish earlier. Here are the ways on how you can properly clean your parquet floor.

What you need:

  1. Vacuum
  2. Mop
  3. Clean cloth
  4. Non toxic cleaner
  5. Floor polish/acrylic wax
  6. Broom or Swiffer sweeper


  1. Always perform regular sweeping or vacuum your parquet floor to avoid the built-up of dust. After you have removed the dirt, use a clean damp mop to mop the floor. Remember not to use aggressive detergents which include chlorine based liquids or even vinegar solution for cleaning parquet floor.
  2. If there are any liquid spills, immediately mop it away as it can seep through the floor. Just apply a non toxic cleaner or no-rinse cleaning product when cleaning the floor which is suitable and safe for parquet floors.
  3. Use a spirit based solution to remove dark spots that you find on the parquet floor and do it with caution because it is highly flammable. You can also use white vinegar to the affected area and leave it at least for three to four minutes before continuing cleaning it using a soft dry cloth.
  4. Occasionally use a floor polish that is designed specifically for parquets in order to make it shine again just like a new floor. Then, apply a water-based acrylic wax onto the floor and let it dry thoroughly.
  5. In order to reduce dust seeping through your parquet, place colorfast rugs or mats at all of your door entrances so that the mat will help collect all the dust and debris. You must also vacuum and shake the mat frequently to maintain the cleanliness of your floors.

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