Cleaning an Inground Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler systems are a good way to keep your lawns and gardens get watered efficiently. However, in ground sprinkler heads tend to get clogged and dirty over time and need to be cleaned. It is important to make sure that the sprinkler head is clean to keep your watering systems in top performance. Here are the steps on how to clean your inground sprinkler head.

You will need:

  1. Water
  2. Stiff wire and new sprinkler head (if necessary).

Sprinkler Head


  1. First, lift up the sprinkler head so that it is no longer hidden in the sleeve. When not in use, the inground sprinkler heads rest inside the sleeve to allow the sprinkler head to rest at ground level. If the water turns on, the sprinkler heads will rise up above the ground.
  2. Then, remove the sprinkler from the sleeve by unscrewing it. You can turn on the water and try to lift the sprinkler head if it does not lift out the sleeve easily.
  3. By removing the sprinkler, you can clean the sprinkler head thoroughly, but also remove any grass and dirt that has fallen in the sleeve. While you are cleaning the sleeve or removing other sprinkler heads, soak the sprinkler head in clean water.
  4. Clean the sprinkler head with a stiff wire after the soaking to remove any additional debris or dirt that the soaking cannot remove. Remove any dirt that has been settled in the sprinkler head sleeve too.
  5. When all of the sprinkler parts and sleeve has been cleaned thoroughly, screw them back into their place. Make sure to rest the sprinkler head at ground level when not in use. After all the sprinkler heads have been cleaned and checked whether they are working properly, turn on the water.
  6. You may need to replace new sprinkler head if the existing sprinkler head is not working properly after cleaning. You can purchase it in any hardware store or ordering it directly from the manufacturer.

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