Cleaning your Athletic Shoes properly

Clean your Athletic Shoes properly

If you like sports, then sneaker shoes are an absolute property in your shoes closet. When it comes to sports, you will eventually make your athletic shoes dirty from dirt and the sweats from your feet. Sometimes, you might have no time and make it as an excuse for having smelly and dirty sneakers. You don\’t have to use the excuse anymore as there is an easy and proper way to clean your sneakers. Here are the cleaning methods that can be used to work on athletic shoes from various materials.

You will need:

  1. Liquid dish-washing detergent
  2. soft brushes
  3. shoe inserts
  4. shoe shining and cleaning kits
  5. paper


  1. First, make a solution consisting of water and a neutral cleaner that you can use from a liquid dish-washing detergent or any other mild product.
  2. The reason for using neutral cleaner is that it can be much more effective and less damaging to your sneakers than using harsh chemical cleaners.
  3. Then, take the shoe laces and remove them out from the sneakers and rinse the shoes with water inside and out. You can use a soft brush and cleaning solution to scrub every part of both sneakers. Scrub the liners and the insoles of your sneakers as well.
  4. Next, remove the scuff marks with a white nylon-backed scrub pad. Rinse the shoes thoroughly with running water or in a bathtub.
  5. Take some papers but not the newspaper as the ink will run out and make a mess. Stuff the shoes with the papers to absorb the remaining water and to help the shoes keep their shape. Leave them to drip-dry.
  6. For the shoe laces, you can wash them in a load of laundry. You can put the laces inside a laundry bag for better cleaning. Allow the inserts to air out. If the shoe laces and inserts are too smelly, add some baking soda to the washing. If your athletic shoes can hold up through the washing cycle, you can place them together to get them clean.
  7. When the shoes are dried completely, replace the inserts and the laces back into their place. Apply your choice of white cream shoe polish to white leather parts and for black leather parts, apply black polish.
  8. Many athletic-shoe retailers sell special shoe-shining kits to use with specific brands and models, ask for advice with the sales assistant to make sure you have the right products for your athletic shoes.

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