Cleaning your windows blinds

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Nowadays, every household use window blinds not just as decorations for their windows but also as something like a shading to cover from the usual morning or afternoon heat. Although, you may not see the dirt on the window blind from your viewing angle,that does not mean that it is not dirty from dust. Window blinds needs to be clean at least once in every six months for keeping it clean, for it to last long and durable but if you do consistent dusting to your blind, it will definitely help keep your blind clean and fresh for quite a while. Below are some of the steps on how to clean your window blinds:

What you need:

  1. Vacuum with attachments
  2. Feather duster or use old socks
  3. Drop cloth
  4. Mild soap
  5. Dryer sheets
  6. Antibacterial wipes
  7. Soft cloth
  8. Gloves


  1. First of all, you need to remove some of the light dust from its front and back surfaces by using a feather duster, soft cloth, socks or even a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush attachment. Apart from that, you can also use moist towel or antibacterial wipes which are more expensive.
  2. You need to be extra careful when cleaning metal blinds because if pressed too hard it will bend and cause permanent damage. The metal blinds can be removed from the window and lay down on flat surface where you can spray them using a water hose. As for wooden and fabric blinds, you cannot use this kind of method as it will ruin it.
  3. For wood and faux wood type of blinds, you need to use a dusting spray and cloth to polish it. Close the blind first before spraying the cleaner lightly and wipe it gently. Then use the same method to clean the opposite side of the blinds.
  4. Meanwhile, you can use a vacuum cleaner which has upholstery brush attached to its hose to clean fabric type of blinds. If the need arises (for further cleaning), you can also use warm water and mild soap to clean any stains on fabric blinds.
  5. To help keep slowing down the process of dust from collecting, you can simply rub a dryer sheet on both side of the blinds.

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