Conserving Water in the Shower

Conserve Water in the Shower

It becomes a habit to most of us to waste water in the bathroom unintentionally, we never think of how much water we are using and how much we are wasting, we just think of taking a shower and getting clean. We tend to think that water is an energy source that seems to be infinite but not in today\’s case where water is not available everywhere in the world. Even in the bathroom, we need to learn of new ways to conserve energy. By using less water, we can help the environment to sustain on for the generation to come. Here are some steps that you can undertake to conserve water when it comes to in the bathroom or when taking a shower.

You will need:

  1. Water Efficient Shower Head
  2. On-Demand Water Heater
  3. Recycled Toilet Paper
  4. Organic Towels
  5. Petrochemical-Free Personal Products
  6. Cfl Vanity Bulbs


  1. First of all, check if your toilet works efficiently. Make sure that you are keeping out from having to use two flushes due to faulty parts. When every toilet flush is controlled, this will help to conserve the water energy in the bathroom.
  2. You can test out your toilet to see whether your 1.6gpf toilet actually flushes 1.6 gallons per flush or otherwise. The test\’s results will let you know if the dams on the toilet are faulty or has been removed. If this dam is removed, there is a big possibility that your toilet will end up using more than 3gpf gallons per flush every time.
  3. Most of us like to spend more time in the shower without realizing that this will only waste the water. Limit your time when showering and keep them between 2 to 3 minutes. You have to be discipline and strict while performing this step. You can check on how much water you are using per minute by filing a 5-gallon bin with water and marking the fill line. Start the timer or use your watch to see how long it takes for your shower to fill up the bucket.
  4. There are many shower head designs available nowadays; if possible try to use a water-efficient shower head. Although, they may not produce as much water pressure for some who like to have a massage-therapy quality shower, they are efficient enough to conserve water energy by the gallons per minute. There are also tankless on-demand water heaters for your home. When you purchase this water heater, it will cut down on the wasted water when your family waits for the water to heat up.
  5. Another way to conserve energy water in your bathroom is by using recycled products. You can purchase and use recycled towel paper, organic towels, CFL vanity bulbs and environmentally friendly cleaning products. CFL vanity bulbs might cost you a bit more than normal bulbs do but it\’s a good investment to lower your electricity bills in the future.

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