Constructing a bamboo cane fence

Bamboo cane fences are a cheaper, sturdy, environmentally friendly alternative to wood or barbed wire fences that provide a more natural look to your garden. They offer as much privacy and protection from intruders as its tips might be sharpened to prevent unwanted visitors from climbing over or under the fence. Constructing a bamboo cane fence is quite easy as all the materials are easily accessible. Bamboo canes can be bought at specialty decorating stores or even online bamboo wholesalers.

  1. Set out the frame

    For a stable fence, you must first construct the frame. To do so, plant the bamboo pole deep into the ground at equal intervals at about three feet apart. These bamboo poles should be thicker than the ones used to construct the bamboo panels for more support. Next, secure the thinner bamboo canes horizontally at a square angle against the supporting bamboo poles with strong rope. You need two horizontal poles for each panel; one at the top and one at the bottom.

  2. Construct the bamboo panels

    Next, cut the thinner bamboo canes into equal length to your desired height. You can also opt to sharpen the tips of your bamboo canes for security purposes. For amateurs who have no rope tying skills, use thin bendable wires which can be easily purchased from your local hardware store to secure the bamboo canes together. Start by securing one end of the wire to a bamboo cane. Place the next bamboo cane beside the first and wrap the wire around, ensuring that they are at of the same height. It is easier to construct the panel when all the bamboo canes are lying down. This ensures that the panel is straight although you will have to use your own judgement as to whether or not the bamboo canes are off the same height. Repeat this process until you have a panel of approximately three feet in width. Secure the end of the wire to the last bamboo the same way you did with the first. Next, tie the bottom of the bamboo canes as you did for the top. You now have a completed panel. Make as many panels as you require for the fence.

  3. Put the panels up

    After that, bring the panel to the bamboo frame that you have erected earlier. For a more secure bamboo cane fence, you can tie each bamboo cane of the panel individually to the supporting horizontal bamboo canes at the top and the bottom. Repeat this for all the panels until you have a completed fence.

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