Converting a Plug to a Junction Box

You need to convert an existing plug-in outlet into a junction box when the need arises for you to build new cabinets within the area. The junction box must be easily accessible and covered for safety reason.

What you need:

  1. Voltage tester
  2. Phillips screwdriver
  3. Linesman pliers
  4. 3 wire nuts (caps)
  5. Electrical tape
  6. Junction box plate

Junction Box


  1. Firstly, you need to shut off the power to the receptacle and in order to know whether the power is off or not, you can use a voltage tester. The tester can be inserted into both of your outlet plugs. Always be careful because the receptacle might be half hot. This might be a first hard step for you if you have not had any contact with electrical components before. If you are one of those who know your way around then it’s fine. But, if you feel that you are not familiar with all these electrical instruments then have someone teach you the proper way to go about with it.
  2. Next, remove its cover plate by unscrewing the current plug so that you would be able to pull it out of the box. You must also straighten the wires. Straightening the wires is important so that by accident you don’t get all of them mixed up. You might think it’s not going to happen, but when the wires are all mixed and cramped up, it will be really hard to undo that.
  3. Then, all the set screws to the wires need to be unscrewed. Next, you need to unhook the wires and straighten its ends before discarding the outlet. This step applies to the same rules as the above one. It’s very important to straighten the wires before proceeding. This also won’t take much of your time.
  4. Use pliers to twist the hot wires together, turn it in a clockwise direction before wrapping it to at least three or four turns. You can ensure that the end of the wires is twisted.
  5. Next, the wire cap needs to be twisted in a clockwise direction tightly and you should wrap it up with several turns using an electrical tape right until the cap is secured to the wires. Make sure and double check that the wires are well caped in.
  6. You need to do the same technique as above to the neutral and ground (earth) wires.
  7. Finally, return the wires back into the junction box and ensure that all the caps do not come loose before covering the junction box with a solid junction box plate.

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