Cool Kitchen Designs

So lets kick start with some amazing kitchen design that hopefully will inspire you in some way.


The first kitchen to be made completely out of aluminum and glass.


Antoine Lebrun:

A rather unique concept by Antoine Lebrun were they have created an eco friendly kitchen environment. Don\’t expect to be able to buy this anytime soon though since it\’s design concept of how a kitchen could be and interact with us ten years from now..



Only ready-made food and beverages are consumed in sheet-metal packaging so people will be conscious about what and how much they eat. Food and beverages packs will be kept inside the cooling unit of the system. It only allows storage of 3 days’ worth of food. A Smart oven warms up the food in groups to minimize how often it’s used. It arranges the ideal time and temperature for the packs by reading their barcodes.


iulian bumbu

The main caracteristics of this design are simplicity and functionality.The main chape is the result of the pure functions that it has to respond to.This space allows multiple operators in the cooking activity and also allows sitting while preparing food,fact that makes it accesible for a large category of people.There are no corners or sharp surfaces at the exterior,so accidents specialy for the kids are almost impossible.


Fiona McAndrew & Conor Fallon

A capacitive touch screen kitchen sounds like a dream, and it\’s the dream och McAndre & Conor Fallon. Complete with an integrated blender and steamer. Through wireless bluetooth technology the interface can send a shopping list to a mobile phone. The interface can also be updated this way.


Sheer Spherical Kitchen

The Sheer Spherical Kitchen represents a new vision in kitchen design … This kitchen is completely self-contained and low maintenance. Some of you may already have a chance to admire it for its unusual design… This time, we\’d like to re-introduce this Sheer Spherical Kitchen design concept from a functional point of view



The Luxemburg design company KicheConcept has come up with a rather cool kitchen, albeit regular compared to some of the kitchens above and unlike the others this is actually a kitchen you can buy now, and not 10 years from now.