Country Classic or Stylish Modern: What Type of Kitchen Are You?

An image of a country classic kitchen

So many Choices, Make the Right one for you

When deciding on a look for your new kitchen, the choice can often come down to classic country inspired style or sleek, modernity. Choosing which way to go will determine not only which units and work surfaces your go for, but also the feel and ambiance of your kitchen.

So how do you decide which look is right for you?

How do you use your Kitchen?

In some homes, the kitchen forms the main hub of family life, playing host to special occasions, reunions, hours of homework and of course, hundreds of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Other people use their kitchen just for preparing food and pouring drinks, utilising the living room for relaxing and socialising.

Although both styles of kitchen can suit family life, a classic country style kitchen can often suit the hustle and bustle of everyday life a little better. Stylish, modern kitchens are perfect for those who like everything put back in its place. The clean lines and purpose built units will look great when free of clutter, allowing the underlying design to really shine through.

How does the rest of your Home Compare?

When redesigning your kitchen, it can be easy to focus solely on its look, forgetting about the rest of your home and how it will fit in. Look at the architecture and features of your home and see which way they draw you. If you’ve recently redecorated, try to match your new kitchen with the rest of your décor as you probably won’t want to change it again for a while.

If the rest of your home is fairly traditional, then suddenly walking into a modern kitchen could jar a little and conversely if you’ve gone for a modern look through your hallway and living room, then a country look will seem out of place.

What do you Want your Friends to Think?

Though the main goal of designing a new kitchen is to create a great space for you to use, there is inevitably a part of you that will want to show off your new interior to friends and family, so have a think about what sort of impression you want to give.

A modern, stylish kitchen will give visitors the sense that you’re on the cutting edge of design, living in an urban and cosmopolitan home. Modern kitchens are normally instantly impressive, adding that all-important ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Country kitchens on the other hand give off a welcoming and homely feel. They may not bowl your visitors over, but they will make your home feel warm and friendly.

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