Create A Layered Rock Garden

Creating a layered rock garden

A garden is a beautiful thing to have outside one\’s home. Not only is it beautiful, it is also a facility or something that many people get to have, depending on where they stay. So, when we have a garden we will do all we can to keep it well and safe. Most of us like to take it one step further by beautifying our garden. We like to plant beautiful flowers and plants that will enhance and beautify the look of our garden.

Just think of it as a layered rock garden is another way to enhance the look of your garden. The best thing about having a layered rock garden as your garden style is that it keeps evolving and getting fuller each year. It is reasonable to add some sort of layering such as rocks because of the slopes. It\’s not that hard to perform this task well, if you have everything ready including the instructions, step-by-step information and the right tools, you\’re good to go. Here are the steps on how you can build your own layered rock garden.

You will need:

  1. Shovels
  2. Gloves
  3. Spade
  4. All different sizes and colors of rocks


  1. First, find an area that will be easy to create a rock garden such as a slope. You will need to bring in dirt to make slope and create a slopping hill if you don\’t have natural sloping hills in your place.
  2. Then, make a sketch to basically design how you would like your layered rock garden to look like and how big should it be. Start with a top being flat and then working down in different layers in a round circular design.
  3. Next, build your layered rock garden by placing the rock along the different layers in a round circular design. Use a shovel to dig out dirt and a spade to help dig out and place each stone. Pick rocks of similar size and design for a uniform look.
  4. Place each stone individually and look back to see if it looks symmetric. Make sure there is enough dirt floor and space for your flowers. As the rocks tend to dry out the soil, mix a little sand with your dirt as it helps the water to drain quickly.
  5. When you have already finished building the layered rock, choose the plants that you want to place on it.
  6. Depending on where you are living, you will have to experiment on what plants are suitable (by trying them out) until you find out what works well with your layered rock garden. Examples of plants that you can plant are annuals, perennials or begonias.

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