Creating a Mediterranean patio

Create A Mediterranean Patio

To have a patio is really nice as a patio is a nice place to hang out and relax. A patio is an area which extends the living space of the home to the outdoors. The patio provides homeowners with a place for entertainment, relaxation and to enjoy outdoor living. Although, the construction of a patio is simple, you still have to get into it some time and careful preparation for the entire process of planning, permitting, framing and decking.

If you want to create the visions of Mediterranean summers without having to take the trip to that place, building a patio with the theme is the perfect gateway. A Mediterranean patio is the perfect place to have a refreshing summer with emphasis on light and beautiful colors. Here are the steps on how you can create your own Mediterranean patio.

You will need:

  1. Paint
  2. Containers


  1. First, use a shade to portray a Mediterranean patio. Your patio should include a shaded area to offer relief from the sun on the hottest days. Stand a simple pergola over a seat or table and plant climbers to scramble over it. Bleach or paint the surrounding structures with palette colors of clear blues, terracotta, dusky pinks or white.
  2. Use patio materials that can retain heat. You can either use gravel or if you have more budgets, opt for dolomite chippings. It will be so much better if you can layout the garden as a series of terraces that faces the sun. A brick or a stone wall that faces the sun will retain the day\’s heat and radiate it at dusk. Stone and terracotta pots and paving will do the same function to a lesser temperature.
  3. Always keep the patio area dry as this will make you feel as if you are always on holiday. You will also notice that the gravel starts to turn green moss and lichens take hold when the wet weather arrives. To solve this problem, you can use either pressure washer or chemical treatments to blasts off this problem.
  4. You should know that typical plants in the Mediterranean will include most of the woody herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme, which live in well-drained and gritty soil. Fill the patio with lovely scents that will attract the butterflies and bees with planting rock roes or oleanders flowers.

If you decide to build a Mediterranean patio, it will definitely provide a more stylish and beautiful look to your house. By building a Mediterranean patio, you will add more value to your house and yard, but this task will definitely test your patience and take a lot of effort in order to create it the correct way. However, if you manage to plan it very well and get some help from your friends, it will be completed very fast and you will be able to see a great outdoor surrounding within your house.

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