Creating your own Christmas tree skirts

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Creating one’s own creative Christmas tree skirts that provides cosy place for all the gifts for the festive season will definitely spruce up the atmosphere of your room during the holidays. Gifts and holiday chocolates will look even better when they are put on a beautiful self made Christmas tree skirts which are both fun and easy to make. For starters, an example is given below on a Christmas tree skirts decoration.

What you need:

  1. 54-inch round felt hunter green tablecloth
  2. Scissors
  3. Iron
  4. 2 yards fabric adhesive
  5. 3 squares antique white felt
  6. 2 squares flesh felt
  7. 3 squares red felt
  8. 1/2 yard gold lame
  9. Pencil
  10. Paper
  11. Dimensional fabric paint: sparkly gold, gold glitter, ivory pearl, green glitter
  12. Brushes: #8 flat, 10/0 liner
  13. Fabric glue
  14. 5 yards small gold rickrack
  15. Acrylic paint: rose, black
  16. 2 yards thin gold cord
  17. 8 yards fancy gold trim, 3/4 inch wide


  1. First of all, you need to cut a direct line to the center of the green (or using any colour of your choice) colour tablecloth. Then, you continue by cutting out a 4-inch circle for the tree.
  2. Use iron adhesive to back the felt squares and lame via using medium setting. Hold on it for 4 to 5 seconds. Trace the selected patterns on paper side of adhesive. The design consists of 5 angels on tree skirt, 5 stars to hold, along with a total of 30 scattered stars. Then, use the antique white for face, hands, and feet; flesh for the hair; red for the dress; and gold lame for the stars. After that, you need to cut out and remove paper.
  3. After that, try positioning the first angel on the skirt. Iron appliqués to felt. Then, you space evenly the remaining angels around the skirt and adhere. Continuing by ironing on both shapes of stars. Finish this par off by spreading sparkly gold paint over the wings with a flat brush.
  4. Do an outline on the hair, stars, and wings with gold glitter paint. Draw on shoes and halo with gold glitter, while you can also do an outline on the face and hands with ivory pearl using liner brush.
  5. In this part, you continue by gluing the gold rickrack around the dresses and the sleeves. Do the same procedure across the dresses.
  6. Paint the cheeks lightly with rose paint by using a flat brush. Then, with a liner brush and black, paint the eyes. With the green glitter paint, draw holly on the dress. Continue by using the ivory pearl, dot around holly and dot buttons on the sleeve. Move on to dividing the gold cord into 10 pieces. Then, continue by tying 2 bows for each angel and glue them to the waist and the tail of the dress. You can continue the process by gluing trim around the skirt and the center hole. After that, you will have to let it alone to dry on its own.

With just a few imaginative ideas, you have already made a colourful and beautiful self made Christmas tree skirts of your own without the need to purchase a new one.

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