Decorating a mantle with an autumn theme

Decorate A Mantle With An Autumn Theme

When we have a house, it\’s not fun to leave it as it is forever. Some people love change. Some people can\’t stand seeing the same thing every day. It isn\’t fun to see the same thing every day in the house so here comes the change. To change the house\’s design or style, there are many ideas that one can obtain to achieve the perfect look.

For starters, many love to change their house based on the current season. In other words, changing one\’s home based on the season is fun. Choosing a theme is the easiest of all. It\’s not difficult to identify a theme with a particular season. It\’s fun for those who live in the house to witness a different look every 4-6 months based on how long the season lasts for. Kids love the change and so do onlookers and visitors. Who knows, you might just make someone jealous!

The fireplace is usually the first place to be decorated as the fall arrives. Although it is not winter time, you can still decorate your mantle with an autumn theme. Here are the steps on how to decorate your mantle with an autumnal theme.

You will need:

  1. Strand of mini lights
  2. Hammer
  3. Mini pumpkins
  4. Scissors
  5. Silk leaves garland
  6. Tiny nails
  7. Aluminium foil


  1. First, make a small circle of foil for each mini pumpkin. The foil will protect the mantle as pumpkins, gourds and other of their family members may bleed their color onto the wood finishes although they are sturdy and make great decorations for mantles and table centerpieces.
  2. Place the mini pumpkins along the top of your mantle. Space them out evenly and not more than about 8 inches apart from each other.
  3. Place each pumpkin on top of a foil circle so that it covers the circle and make sure the circle does not show.
  4. Next, wind the strand of mini lights around the garland of silk leaves. The mini lights can be any color you prefer and among the good fall colors are white, orange and yellow.
  5. To make the lights appear to glow through the leaves rather than looking like a separate strand, make sure that the lights are tightly wound around the garland. Then, weave the garland around the mini pumpkins.
  6. It should stretch the mantle when it is woven in and out of the pumpkins. You can double back or just cut short if it is too long. However, avoid cutting the lights.
  7. Secure the ends of the garland to the wall with nail. You can skip this step if you are just laying the garland on top of the mantle. However, it is a good idea no matter what; to make sure that your mantle decorations are more secure. Finally, plug in the lights.

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