Decorating a small bathroom with palm tree decorations

Decorate A Small Bathroom With Palm Tree Decorations

Decorations start from the beginning of the house until the end of it. Everyone loves to decorate their houses and we all like to make it as personal as a home can be. There are many ways to decorate one\’s home.

Nowadays, there are even more ways to decorate one\’s bathroom. From different styles to unique themes, the options to decorate the bathroom are never-ending. Many people tend to overlook the bathroom when it comes to the house\’s decorations. Most likely as the bathroom is not everyone\’s favorite place to be at and stay at for a long period of time.

This time, we can decorate our bathroom in a unique style and theme, an Arabian or desert-like theme. You can incorporate palm trees into your home décor in many ways. You can either tie a palm tree into any room in your home by adding some palm tree decorations. Palm tree decorations can become as a fun decoration for bathrooms. Here are the steps on how to decorate your bathroom with a palm tree.

You will need:

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Decals
  3. Waste paper baskets
  4. Night light
  5. Curtains
  6. Paint
  7. Towels
  8. Tissue box cover
  9. Candle


  1. Make sure to keep your bathroom wall stable and clear with a light color. Choose a light shade of paper if you want to decorate your walls with a palm tree wallpaper.
  2. Dark colors will only make your small bathroom appear smaller. Choose small prints for your wallpaper to help your bathroom appear larger. For example, you can paint the walls a tan color and use a palm tree wallpaper border on the top of your wall. You can purchase a wallpaper at your local home improvement or retail stores.
  3. To outline the mirror in your bathroom, use the palm tree decals instead. This will become a unique way to decorate your small bathroom with palm trees. Choose small size decals, unpeel and then place them along the edges of your mirror.
  4. To incorporate palm trees into your small bathroom, hang the decorative palm tree towels and hand towels.
  5. You will still need towels for hand drying, no matter what size of bathroom you have.
  6. You can choose brown, tan or green towels that have palm trees embroidered onto them. You can hang additional towels embroidered with palm trees on them if you have a towel rack for decorative towels.
  7. Palm trees are a popular theme so you should be able to find accessories with the same theme. Choose a shower curtain littered with palm trees. Or, you can choose a waste paper basket and tissue box cover that has a picture palm trees as well.
  8. Add a palm-tree shaped night light or a palm painted candles. For the windows, you ca hang light colored curtains decorated with palm trees.

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