Decorating a split entry with an open floor plan

Decorate A Split Entry With An Open Floor Plan

Decorating a split entry with an open floor plan could be a challenging task where the space is dominated by two staircases which is one leading up and the other is down. The positive side of the space is that it gives extra height in the foyer and the floor space is often wider than other foyers. The lighting is good as it was provided by the sidelight windows or the door. Here are the steps on how to decorate this space.

You will need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Notebook
  3. Construction ruler with ½ inch scale
  4. Ladder (optional)
  5. Slate floor
  6. Console table
  7. Mirror
  8. Potted plant (optional)
  9. Sitting bench
  10. Accessories
  11. Pencil, ½ inch scale graph paper
  12. Straight edge
  13. Wainscoting
  14. Ceiling fixture
  15. Table lamp
  16. Receiving bowl
  17. Sculptural pieces (optional)
  18. Floor rug


  1. First, measure the walls of the split entry starting with the door wall. Make sure that you include the proportions of the door, the sidelights and any transom that may be present. If the space is vaulted, measure any upper windows.
  2. On each side wall, take note of the places where there are any electrical outlets and coat closets and measure where each of the stairs starts.
  3. Using the formula that a ½ inch equals 1 foot scale, draw the walls on the graph paper. Note that all of the textures and magnitude directly on the graph so that it represents an accurate depiction of the room.
  4. Measure the height of any walls that are vaulted. Basically, the staircase walls should be included in paint color choices.
  5. You can try a wainscoted paneling, which is considered a good option in terms of consistency for both stairwells. Staircase walls can be the place to show art or photos if mounted securely.
  6. Moving on, you should try replacing any sub-standard entry floor like vinyl with an upgraded material that is better. Slate is also an excellent option. Check the ceiling fixture and update to a decorative new fixture. The fixture should hanged rather than be flushed mounted. Change a solid front door glass in order to light up the entry naturally.
  7. You could also decorate the entry with a console table with a table lamp. Place the console table on the open wall and place a larger mirror above it.
  8. Place a receiving bowl on the table for mails and keys. In the corner, place a sculptural art piece or larger plant stand with a decorative pot in complimentary colors.
  9. Add a small sitting bench that is decorative or uniquely shaped in the corner between the closet and the front door. For the rug, use a fine but durable rug for locations where mud and snow may be tracked into the home.

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