Decorating a toddler (girl’s) room on a budget

Decorate A Toddler (Girl\’s) Room On A Budget

Decoration plays an important part of one\’s room. It defines and shows who we really are. If we are adults, we are in the right minds to decorate our own rooms. If we are adults and have kids then it is our duty to decorate our kids\’ room to make it joyful and livelier for them to be in.

A little girl\’s room is always pleasant as the child herself. So, it is of great importance that the parents decorate the room in such a way that the little girl would be happy to step and sleep in the room. If the child is happy with her room then she will have no problem sleeping at night. What\’s more? The child wouldn\’t have nightmares as often and would sleep well.

Although you have a tight budget during this economic downturn, it doesn\’t mean that you can\’t provide a cozy and beautiful room for your daughter. Here are steps on how to turn a room from a nursery to a toddler room in an inexpensive way.

You will need:

  1. Letters spelling according to your child\’s name
  2. Toddler bedspread
  3. Prints for wall
  4. Valance
  5. Paint or primer for furniture
  6. Brushes
  7. Stuffed animals for decoration


  1. Get your ideas from magazines and articles about a girl toddler\’s room decoration. This will give you some ideas on how to decorate the little one\’s room. A few catalogs that suggest trendy decorations are Pottery Barn Kids and The Land of Nod.
  2. Look for prints before choosing the colors to coordinate your toddler\’s bedding. You can find prints anywhere such as the retail shops, children\’s stores or websites. For better price, search them in Goodwill, consignment shops and thrift stores that also sell prints on occasion.
  3. For the toddler\’s bedding, there are many sets of them that you could find in retail stores. But, if you want something more original, let someone sew it for you. You could search online for several websites that sell fabric. A matching bedspread and valance would look nice when changing the décor.
  4. Purchase letters at your home improvement store or any retail stores. You can afterwards print your child\’s name on these letters and paste them on the walls; door or any place that you think fits the chosen theme. These letters can be painted with whatever colors that you choose. Sit them or hang them on the door above the window or closet.
  5. The main entrance plays an important role for your overall room decoration. Let everyone know that your toddler needs her privacy time by hanging a fabric doll outside the door. In other words, it\’s like the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside a hotel room. It could also help the child to identify which door is her room.

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