Creating a sacred space, den or hideaway

Create A Sacred Space, Den Or Hideaway

We all love some quality time spent with ourselves. This is to enable us to understand ourselves better. Some people like to have their own sacred space so that they can rest in when they are sad or even angry. To have a sacred space when we are angry works best as then we won\’t and don\’t have to take our anger out accidentally on someone else. A sacred place will help us to retrieve and relieve ourselves quietly in a harmonious way.

A sacred and personal space is suitable for any age, be it for a grown person to relax or for children as a place for play time and comfort zone. Creating a place which is quiet, cozy and beautiful are among the criteria for a hideaway. Here are the steps on how you can create your own place.

You will need:

  1. Blankets
  2. Flowers
  3. Music
  4. Bath Tub
  5. Cushions
  6. Candles
  7. A Journal
  8. Bubbles


  1. First, you have to ask yourself for what reason you need a personal space. For what purpose? And to achieve what in the end? Write down the reasons for your personal space and how you will use it. You can either use it as a secret place to write in your journal, solve a problem or even to cry and grieve without the need of feeling embarrassed in front of others.
  2. Then, determine where you would like to have the personal space in your home. For example, you might want a place that is quiet for writing, praying, drawing, relax or just alone. Create an altar so that you can pray by making a tent or den. Hang blankets so that you can write or draw in your private space if you have to share a room or a crowded house. A bathroom can offer you a place to relax and have a nice long bath. Most people prefer to spend time in the latter.
  3. Next, apply five senses to your secret place such as sight, taste, sound, touch and smell. Add a cozy feeling towards your place by placing flowers, candles, cozy chair and pretty photos. If you like to have extra time in your hideaway, keep a mini cooler to store your favorite snacks. You could also grab some treats in your kitchen fridge before you go to the secret place. For a great relaxation, you could try spiritual songs, sounds of the wilds or even your favorite singers. Watching your favorite TV show is a good way to spend some quality time.
  4. A comfort zone for upset children can be playful and comforting by adding cuddly toys and hot water bottle. Create a relaxing atmosphere in the room by burning some scented candles. You could also use air freshener, potpourri or incense stick in a bright colored bowl.

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