Decorating a Living Room with Dark Furniture

Decorate A Living Room With Dark Furniture

Decorating one\’s home has a purpose. The purpose is to make it homely and at the same time livelier. Decoration starts from scratch and every single important part of the house. The living room forms an important part of the house and is considered one when it comes to decorations. This might be as a living room is visited and seen by everyone who comes by the house. So, it is important to decorate one\’s living room well.

There are many different ways to decorate one\’s living room. We can try different wallpapers or paint the room. Trying out different colors might help to see what suits the room more. Adding the windows and the curtains to match the windows. What if we got the house ready and the living room\’s color cannot be changed for now? We can always decorate it in such a way that it won\’t appear strange and different. A living room with a dark color is nice and uncommon.

If you are buying furniture for your living room and found that they are too dark for the room, fear not as there are many ways to solve the problem. You don\’t have to throw away the furniture; instead you could use some painting and accessories to achieve that balance of light and dark to your living room. Here are the steps on how you can decorate the living room with dark furniture.

You will need:

  1. Pillows
  2. Paints
  3. Slipcover (optional)
  4. Throw blankets


  1. First, use the paint to brighten up the room. Paint your wall in bright and warm color while painting the trim in white to balance out the dark room.
  2. If you have chocolate leather furniture, paint your walls with golden color or a warm yellow. Another color that goes well with brown is light teal and light blue.
  3. Then, add some pillows and throw blankets to break up the dark furniture color. If necessary, you can coordinate these splashes of color with paint.
  4. Place the room with an area rug that has dark details. You can consider adding wood pieces to the room.
  5. Avoid brightening up your room so much as it makes your dark upholstered pieces seems out of place.
  6. You can use slipcovers as last resort. You can purchase inexpensive stretch slipcovers at a department stores if you are still not satisfied with the color of your furniture.
  7. You could also have slipcovers specially made for your living room furniture, and another way to reupholster your furniture is to match the overall look of your living room.

We all love to make our homes beautiful or as homey as it can be. We decorate it as much as we can. We fill it up with nice furniture. We arrange everything accordingly. The point is we do everything we can in our capacity to make our homes lovelier.

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