Decorating a whimsical children’s playroom

Decorate a Whimsical Children\’s Playroom

Decorating a children\’s playroom might be the best gift one can give to the kids. It\’s fun and exciting. The kids can take part as well. But, if they are too small then it\’s better to let adults handle this project to avoid any unforeseen accidents. Nevertheless, feel free to ask your kids what they would like to have in the playroom; maybe their favorite animated film of the moment or their favorite show. Some parents prefer putting views rather than a particular picture.

If you want to make your children to play and use their imagination well, providing a place of their own is a good start. Children love a whimsical playroom, so here are the steps on how you can create a room in which they will love to play.

You will need:

  1. Paint
  2. Stenciling paint
  3. White picket fences
  4. Plywood or Medium Density Fiberboard
  5. Drill
  6. Nails
  7. Nail glue
  8. Circular saw
  9. Striped balloon shade
  10. Toys
  11. Area rug
  12. Stencils
  13. Paintbrush
  14. Manila rope
  15. Screwdrivers
  16. Hammer
  17. Nail gun (optional)
  18. Handsaw
  19. Sandpaper
  20. Children\’s furnishings
  21. Stuffed animals
  22. Ceiling fan with lights


  1. Use a pale flat yellow paint to paint the walls, layering more coats if the original paint on the wall is dark. You can use a primer to save time and money to lessen the dark original paint on the wall. Leave the paint to dry completely.
  2. Purchase picket fences from a hardware or home improvement store. Some come in unfinished and some come pre-painted in white color. Paint with a semi-gloss paint if you buy unfinished picket fences.
  3. Make sure to buy enough picket fences to go around the room and smooth the edges with sandpaper to avoid splinter cuts.
  4. First, use nail glue to hold them when installing the pickets, and then use hammer and nail or nail gun to secure them on the walls. Make sure to cut-out areas for wall sockets.
  5. Next, draw or stencil assorted garden flowers right above the picket fences. You can use different colors and draw or stencil birds, butterflies, bugs and caterpillars.
  6. Add a balloon shade made from stripped fabric or buy a ready-made balloon valance topper to be hung above the window.
  7. For the light during the night and as a fan during warm days, install a ceiling fan with light fixtures. This lighting will go perfectly with your garden-themed.
  8. Add toys for your children to play with. Place box organizers on the book shelves to keep small toys and your children could help you to clean up and organize. Place books that your children will love to read during story time. Teach your children to be creative and have fun by adding a CD player to play some of your children\’s favorite songs. This will create a warm and happier atmosphere.

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