Decorating a Young’s Boy Room with a Cowboy Theme

Decorate A Room With A Cowboy Theme

Decorating a room for a young boy is fun as all you need is your young boy\’s imagination to guide you to create a room that he will love. A cowboy theme is a fun theme for a young kid\’s bedroom as it depicts the Toy Story character and it is not complicated to achieve the look either. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. 1 gallon of blue flat paint
  2. Paint brush
  3. Blue tape
  4. Wooden window cornice
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Cowboy theme wallpaper border
  7. Window blinds
  8. Cowboy accessories
  9. 1 gallon of light brown or taupe flat paint
  10. Paint tray
  11. Drop cloth
  12. Level
  13. Drill
  14. 7 to 8 pieces of bandana handkerchief
  15. Arm-swing wall lamp
  16. Shade


  1. First, remove any furnishings from the room then lay down the drop cloth to protect the floor. Protect the base moldings, crown moldings and door moldings by putting blue painter\’s tape. Use the blue painter\’s tape to mark out the surrounding walls about 12 inches from the ceiling. Paint it with a light brown or taupe color on the top portion and then blue paint at the lower portion. Leave the paint to dry. Paint another layer if necessary.
  2. Next, remove the blue painter\’s tape and start putting the wallpaper border just an inch above where the blue paint ends. It will cover the uneven lines connecting the taupe and blue. Leave the taupe or brown paint to expose at least 10 inches to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can omit the painting method by putting up a wallpaper right where the wall and the ceiling meet.
  3. For the windows, you want to stay away from putting draperies unless you can keep it really tailored. For a perfect light control and privacy for your boy\’s room, install wooden window blinds with 2-inch slats. You can also have wooden cornice boards made to keep the lines clean. Cut out the cowboy, cow and horse from the remaining wallpaper border to decorate the cornice board. Attach the bandanas folded in half using a staple to create a triangle.
  4. About 3 feet from the bottom, connect the arm-swing wall lamp as a light above the desk or next to the bed for reading. Decorate the lampshade with the leftover red bandanas to match those on the cornice board using glue gun or fabric glue to adhere the bandanas.
  5. Put back the furnishings starting with the bed once done. Use simple solid colors from the color scheme used on the windows and walls for cowboy themed beddings. Do not over-accessorize your boy\’s room as a few pieces will do such as bookends made from wooden cowboy boots or hang a lone-star above the headboard.

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