Decorating for a New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party

To have a masquerade theme for your New Year’s Eve party is an exciting and fun way to celebrate the upcoming year. Your family and guests will be excited to wear beautiful, glamorous clothes and masks for your party. The party will not be completed without decoration to achieve a masquerade atmosphere party. So here are the steps on how to decorate the party according to this theme.

You will need:

  1. Assorted masks such as Venetian or Mardi Gras masks
  2. Ribbons
  3. Feathers
  4. Balloons
  5. Confetti
  6. New Year’s sign
  7. Flower Arrangements
  8. Colorful Plates And Glasses
  9. Colorful Beads
  10. Colorful Throw Pillows
  11. Scented Candles
  12. Colorful Table Covers

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party


  1. First, clean up the space that you will need to set up for the decorations by removing the majority of the previous holiday decorations. Do not remove the decorations that would blend with the masquerade theme.
  2. Visit the nearest party stores to purchase several assorted colorful masks, feathers and beads for the decorations. Place the masks by hanging them over the drapery rods, and use the beads as tie backs for curtains. This is not the Halloween party theme so choose the suitable masks that is not scary and monstrous. The great choices for the masks are the Venetian or whimsical fairy masks as they both are cheerful and wonderful to suit the masquerade theme.
  3. Use a brightly colored table cover and avoid using neutral or white colors. You want the guests and yourselves to celebrate the New Year with cheerful and joyous ambiance, so choose to use colorful satin fabrics to add fun and exciting atmosphere.
  4. For the flower arrangement, use a tall glass vase or a colorful glass to insert the flowers, feathers with different sizes and Venetian masks.
  5. Set the buffet table with colorful runners, colorful serving platters, plates and glassware. Above the buffet table, hang a New Year’s banner or on any wall where the party is being held. Put a cake in the middle of the buffet table and light a few scented colorful candles. Create a beautiful light fixture by adding colorful beads on each arm.
  6. Drape yards of deep purple, royal blue, deep green and bright red across the room by hanging each end at each corner of the room. Achieve a tent look by criss-crossing several of them, and finish the look by hanging a chandelier or glitter ball.
  7. Place colorful balloons all around the house by tying them behind the banisters and sofas. You could also tie the balloons on weights and place them on each corner.
  8. For the ceilings, hang strands of colorful ribbons making sure that there is a space for your guests’ heads. Make a piƱata box with confetti inside and hang them from the ceilings all around the room. Make pulls with tie ribbons so at midnight; people can pull the ribbons to open these boxes to drop the confetti.

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