Decorating for Christmas

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The yuletide season is upon us again and this means that besides it being the season of joy and peace, it is also the season that relatives and friends pay your home a visit. Undoubtedly, your home will be a point of scrutiny and observation when nosy neighbours and old aunts come to share the joy. Therefore to avoid the harangue that comes with the season here are a few simple rules to help you along the way.

1) Focus on your Christmas tree
Decorating for Christmas can appear to be a daunting task especially with the multitude of decorations that are usually up for sale around shopping malls. Each shop will be glittering and glowing with different baubles, lights, colors and ornaments. However, the most important concept to remember when decorating your home is the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree, because of its size and symbol will be the main attraction in your home. It will also be the central theme that you set and match your decorations too.

2) Pick a colour scheme
Start by picking a colour that will be used for the tree, red and gold, blue and silver, purple and silver, these are common colours that are matched to the tree. If you are struggling to find an appropriate colour find inspiration in malls which usually strive to create grand and splendid displays. You can also find websites online that are extremely helpful with finding the right decoration, creating your own decorations and setting up your home for Christmas. Websites such as \’\’, span from ideas on how to decorate your home to Christmas recipes.

3) Match the colours to the household items
Back to decorating your home, now that you have selected your colour, the decorations around your home can mimic the colour, such as your curtains and table clothes. This does not mean that your curtains have to be of the same colour as your tree but you can use subtle shades that compliment the tree\’s colour scheme, for example, if your tree ornaments are red and gold use a shade of dark brown for curtains. The similarity of colours will discourage you from firstly buying unnecessary items that are usually bombarded unto the consumers during the holiday season.
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The colour selection that you carry in your head will make shopping for items much easier and purposeful.

The idea of choosing a specific colour and having these items around your house to match it is that it avoids a look of chaos and mess within your home. Decorating your home with different objects that do not match can only make the house seemed cluttered and in a state of disarray. It does not even have to be a colour that you go by, but even a theme. Pick a theme and decorate your house accordingly, and most importantly remember that less is more, never over-decorate because that will lead to your home appearing as a distraction, and not a good one. As seen below.

Take your time and shop accordingly to your theme. Merry Christmas!

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