Decorating Ideas for a Loft Bedroom

Everyone would want their home to feel and to look like a home whether it’s a small cabin or a loft. The same feelings are for bedrooms as bedrooms are where intimate moments happen and to have a lovely loft bedroom, it is important to create decorations for that bedroom.

Bedroom décor is important in every interior house design and it does not matter whether your house is a loft apartment or not. Whenever you create a loft bedroom in a normal house or apartment, you need to provide a separation between your living area and your bedroom area. Even your loft bedroom does not have the privacy of a normal bedroom that comes with four walls and a door; you can still create privacy to the area by creating two levels making the upper level your loft bedroom space while the other area is for dining or entertaining area for you or your guest area. Although you will be creating a privacy area for your loft bedroom, the area should be able to complement the other area of your loft house.

To decorate ideas for a loft bedroom, you need:

  • Bed with drawers
  • Long wooden chest
  • Table with wheels
  • Colorful screen or divider
  • Rug
  • Throw cushions
  • Chairs that can be easily stacked
  • Décor with raw industrial look

Decorating ideas for loft bedroom

How to Decorate Ideas for a Loft Bedroom

  • First thing that you need to do is to decorate the bedroom area and choose a bed that comes with drawers for creating more storage area and try to reduce the usage of extra furniture for your clothes.
    • Always make use of a long wooden chest and place it at the foot of your bed.

The long wooden chest will be useful for storing any of your things inside the chest or even place any removable storage on top of the chest.

  • You should not try to use king-sized beds that come with huge headboards.
    • It is recommended that you use daybeds, futons or double beds as your décor for loft bedroom.
    • Other simple furnishings that you can use include an area rug, cozy chair, side tables along with a reading lamp.
    • Always avoid huge poster prints or overwhelming paintings in your loft bedroom area.
    • Another option is to create a closet that has a folding screen and also clothing rack.
  • Then, you need to look for a table that comes with wheels that can be used for multi purposes
    • Whether you want to use it as a nightstand, laptop table or even a table for you to take your meals.
  • Make sure to place your furniture so that your bed will be able to view the bathroom.
    • You can also use colorful screen or divider in order to separate your bathroom area from the other area of your loft house.

To make the surface of your house look uncluttered and make your available area look much more open, you can simply store any of your office supplies or small items into your drawers.

  • Then, you need to have a rug on certain areas of your loft house along with brightly colored throw cushions that you can place on the rug.
    • This will be the area where you entertain your guests rather than them sitting on your bed to watch television when they visit your house.
    • If you want to have chairs in your loft bedroom area, try to purchase stackable chairs for easy storage.
  • For floor that is made of cement or walls, which are not plastered, a raw décor with industrial look is most suitable
    • It is recommended that you look for contemporary designs made of steel and metal
  • In order to create a more charming feeling
    • You can add French-style furnishings along with your rugs and brightly colored cushions.
    • Besides that, you can also add sculptures as well as huge paintings which is also part of French-style of interior design.


  • It is recommended that you use clean or soft colors on your house walls
    • Especially if the flooring is made of light wood.
    • Apart from that, by using light colors you would be able to create a bright and airy loft style for your bedroom.

    Always remember that even if you are creating loft bedroom in a small house,

    • You can still use or purchase high-quality furnishings. This type of furnishings normally has a long life span and still be in good condition when you start to move into a new place that is much larger than the existing one.

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