Decorating Your Kitchen With Wallpapers

Wallpaper is a fantastic mean to jazz up a lackluster kitchen. From eccentric patterns to textured solids, wallpaper comes in a great variety of design to decorate your kitchen with. Try to remember that strong colors and busy patterns that will definitely have a minimizing effect on the size of your space while the light colors will open up the area.

  1. Take into account the layout of kitchen area.

    Observe the size of and design of your kitchen. If your dining room is adjacent to your kitchen, you might want to include dining room as part of the area you want to decorate with wallpapers.

  2. Plan your design.

    Work out your design plan. This could be determined by studying the colours and materials used for the floors, counter tops, cabinet, windows, wall hangings and others. Go for something that looks well with the overall design of your kitchen instead of something you like.

  3. Determine your style

    This step is similar to second step. Here you have to decide whether you want something that makes your kitchen appears more spacious. If that\’s your intention, you will want to go for light colours. Also, you will need to decide whether you want something that blends in or something that stands out, and whether you want to cover all walls or just one.

  1. Clean the kitchen

    Kitchen walls are generally oily, covered in grease, dirt and other residue caused by all the deep frying that goes on in the kitchen. This will cause the wallpapers not to stick well. Remember to thoroughly clean the walls and smooth out any wall imperfections.

  2. Measure space

    During this step you must measure the space you want to cover. Measure the length of each wall and add them up if you intend to wallpaper all of them. Then multiply this number by the wall height to find out how many square feet of wallpaper you will need to buy.

  3. Hang your wallpapers!

    To disguise a break in the pattern, it is advisable to start from a corner.

    Now you are ready to decorate your kitchen with wallpapers!

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