Decorating Yard for New Year’s

New Year’s celebration is the most anticipated time for everyone to throw a party. This is because it’s a new year coming and everyone is looking forward to changes in one’s life. It’s not necessary that you will be decorating your yard for a party, but you can do it in a way that you get to keep your decorations and see it as a new change for a new year. It is easy to make and display your own yard decoration for New Year’s celebrations. Here are among the steps on how to decorate your yard for New Year’s.

You will need:

  1. Jigsaw
  2. Sandpaper
  3. New Year’s Celebration Accessories To Add To The Theme
  4. Marine Plywood
  5. Wood For The Ground Support


  1. Take exterior plywood and cut out your main theme for display. Pick marine plywood as it lasts longer and is more resistant to weather changes. The main feature cutout should select the New Year’s theme; you can search themes from online sites, store decorations, TV ads and magazines.
  2. Sketch your ideas on graph paper to blow up the size that you need easily. Then, transfer the sketch to a plywood sheet before cutting it out using jigsaw and paint according to your desired colors.
  3. Make an easel for support and place in yard. You can also use a simple Happy New Year banner or an hour glass display with the same message. If you dare, you could even display your New Year’s resolutions for all guests to see!
  4. Collect ideas for the other small cutouts to add to your yard display as the same sources for your main display. Perform your design, cut out, paint and place the selected smaller New Year’s related items near the main display.
  5. Make them simple so it is easy to cut out and paint. For a banner, try accessories such as empty champagne bottle and cap, cutouts of confetti and noise makers. Make them large enough to be seen and fastened each other and the ground securely.
  6. Then string some colorful ribbons or spray can stringers all around and connected to the other displays. Keep some of the same materials on hand to replace the ribbons and spray can stringers. The reason is because sometimes the weather will not cooperate and you may have to redo portions.
  7. It is also a good idea to use sparkling and shining materials such as for the table decorations, noisemakers and hats. Anchor and glue everything down well so they won’t be disappearing during the night of the celebration. Light up the entire display and your porch too. It is also fun to get your family members to be involved and help to decorate your porch and door too.

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